Newcastle Health Collective is home to a range of different health practitioners passionate about helping your be your healthiest self.

The therapies we have on offer are: Chiropractic care, natural beauty therapist, Psychology, Counseling, Naturopathy, hypnotherapy and NLP, Psych-K, Kinesiology,  Reiki, coaching, yoga, meditation, nutrition and massage.

We have over 20 practitioners here in our castle on Queen street, Cooks Hill!

What sets us apart from others, is that we work collaboratively to bring you the best care for your overall health.

We also offer ongoing events to educate you on the huge array of therapies you can do that can help you heal and feel your healthiest self.

We host bi-monthly movie nights, we run Thursday night talks, we have a podcast that you can listen to and we release a new podcast every week, and some weeks we release two. Every month we host a full moon yoga and meditation outside experience by donation.

I look forward to welcoming you into our space and treating you to a wonderful healthy experience.

Lucy x

Featured Practitioner
Casey Warwick

Casey is an NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and wellness couch. She is also a Personal trainer and nutritional training, and if that wasn’t enough, she is trained in Reiki too.

Get to know her here…

What are you into right now, what’s your latest passion and why?
I would have to say my latest obsession is going deeper into understanding the feminine and studying the relationship between masculine and feminine. I have been working with this for quite some time now, and the more I find out the deeper I become enthralled. I get so excited seeing women and men own their power and remove their masks!

What do you like most about being part of the Newcastle Health Collective space?
I love how welcomed I was, I walked in there and without even discussing contracts or business structure it felt like home. I had driven passed the building for as long as I have been a practitioner and knew I was drawn here and someday I would be part of the team- gotta love manifestation!What is a common piece of advice that you give out to your clients?
Listen to your gut.. I also PT and this applies everywhere. Life is a learning experience and the minute you stop learning you are dying. So that scared feeling, the fear that sinks in when something new is happening, listen to it- ask it what it wants to tell you and embrace it. Our inner voice is there for a reason and all too often, we shut it out. If we block that, we block our abundance.
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Brand New Service
Collaborative health Care program

Are you needing extra support with your health? Do you struggle to know where to begin?

Here at the collective we have a fabulous service, called Collaborative health care program, it is designed to help support your whole health.

We are passionate about getting you to feel your healthiest across all areas of your life.

Here at the collective we hand pick the right practitioners that will support your overall health.

Go to our collaborative health care page to read more and book in for your initial consult.

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