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Newcastle Health Collective is home to an array of health professionals that are all passionate about helping their clients realise the potential of their best health.
With over 10 different practitioners with a wealth of knowledge across many modalities this centre is a stand out for the Newcastle community.
It is not just an ordinary Health centre, it is a place to come for an experience, and to create life long connections.
When you walk into the centre you will immediately feel at home and your spirits lifted.

Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapist and entrepreneur calls her centre ‘a place of Joy’

The centre has 3 consult rooms and a beautiful workshop / collaborative workspace, that lends itself to many different environments. Cooking workshops, group counselling sessions or light movement classes.

With a funky turf garden for the family of practitioners to hang out in when in between sessions, allows for a chilled out working environment, which of course will help the practitioners provide the best service to their clients.