Collaborative Care Program

We have launched the Collaborative Health care program to support your individualised health care needs.

As single practitioners we all agree that we can only help people get to a certain level with their health, because our area of expertise is limited. We also are well aware that all areas of health are interconnected and once you commence treatment on one area of your health other areas will be getting the effects of that treatment too. For example someone that has been in chronic pain, starts to get some relief, their mental and emotional state becomes healthier too.

We have decided to give you the wholistic service that we believe is best for your overall health and wellbeing, and so we created the collaborative consult care program.


After booking in for your initial consult, we will email you out an intake form that you will fill out online, during your initial consult the experienced practitioner will ask you relevant questions related to your health and your health goals. After the practitioners is confident she/he has all the relevant information they require to create for you a program that fits you well, the session will break for 10 minutes. During this time The practitioner will create a program for you based on the practitioners in the centre that have the skills to help you.

Even though you get appointed the program or package that the practitioner feels would suit you, you are also given the opportunity to make changes and get involved with the creation and the movement of your program so you are happy going forward with it.


Once you begin your program you will be appointed a support person, that will be external to the practitioners that you will be seeing during the program and she will contact you on a weekly basis to support and get feedback on your time during the program. Your support person will create changes and help you move appointments around where necessary.


The cost of your initial consult where the care package is created for you is $90. There is no obligation to take on the program from this point, in fact we encourage you to walk away and give it some thought before committing. The cost of your initial session will then be deducted from the overall price if you decide to take up the package.

Because the packages are individually created for you the cost varies so much from person to person. However payment plans are an option for everyone wanting to take on a package.

We are a bunch of very dedicated practitioners that know working together with you to reach your health goals will be an experience that you will thrive from.

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