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You’re in the right spot to meet all the experienced and knowledgeable practitioners we have here at the centre. Our practitioners are dedicated to work with you to support you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please take your time to get know these caring practitioners, watch their videos and read their bios. Once you have decided then click on the ‘Book in’ button under your chosen practitioner, you will then be directed to that practitioners online booking link.
If you need help determining what practitioner is right for you then feel free to give our friendly staff a call, after we understand what is happening for you, we will be able to direct you with the right practitioner for your needs.
If you feel like you need more of a holistic look at your health, then you may want to consider the Collaborative Consults Care package that is our highest quality service we have here at the centre. This allows you to get an individualised care package that is right for you and your current needs in health. Head over to our collaborative health care page to learn more about this service and how it can help you.

Lucy Ellis

Lucy Ellis a hypnotherapist and the Owner of this wonderful centre
Lucy works exclusively with women to wake them up to their awesomeness.
Lucy has a very successful program….

called Love Yourself Sick for women, that helps women connect with their authenticity and to nurture their confidence in living a life that aligns with who they are.
She is passionate about seeing a change for women, and getting people to live their best life.

Lucy creates change with women for a range of different reasons, these can include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Smoke Free
  • Addictions
  • Tension / Stress
  • Sleeping disturbance
  • Confidence
  • Self Worth
  • Goal setting and achieving.

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Anthea Cutler
Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist

Anthea Cutler is a Mindset Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Anthea became a mindset coach and hypnotherapist as a result of her own journey with post natal anxiety. She loves to help her clients….

fast track business growth by working on their mindset. Anthea also loves to help anyone who may be grappling with feelings of anxiety or any other difficult emotions release those and become the master of their emotions. Clients also come to see Anthea for fears and phobias, panic attacks, quit smoking and gambling.
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Penny Marshall
Clinical Psychologist

Penny has a warm, caring and authentic style and she enjoys working collaboratively with her clients and those who support them.  She is especially passionate about working with….

women and their families in the perinatal period, because of the great impact support can have during this important time.

Penny also works with adults facing challenges and emotional difficulties related to other aspects of life.  She has extensive experience working with a wide range of emotional issues as well as serious mental health conditions.  She is experienced in working with: postnatal depression and anxiety, grief and loss, fertility issues, relationship problems, attachment and bonding issues, stress, depression, anxiety, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, body image concerns and disordered eating, return to work issues, career concerns and general adjustment issues across the lifespan.

Penny has extensive experience as a clinicial psychologist across a number of settings including; private practice, hospitals, not for profits and the university sector.  Her interest in perinatal work was sparked when she completed some of her training at the Parent Infant Research Institute (Austin Hospital, Melbourne).  She went on to work as a Clinical Psychologist at the Gidget Foundation (Sydney) as well as working in perinatal psychology in private practice in Sydney for a number of years. Penny is currently employed at Hunter Primary Care, where she works with women in the perinatal period, as well as adults, adolescents and children presenting with a wide range of different issues.

Penny has completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology as well as postgraduate training in Psychotherapy. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and is registered (with clinical endorsement) with the Psychology Board of Australia.

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Francine Jordà Pempelonne
Family Systemic Constellations facilitator and counsellor

Francine is a Counsellor, Family Constellations facilitator and trainer, and ACA member.

Her sessions allow for identification….

of the hidden dynamics within our family of origin that may affect our capacity to thrive.

Often unfinished business in past generations such as abortion, addiction, migration, adoption or bankruptcy are at the heart of patterns of anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, chronic illness, unfulfilled relationships or work and money issues. Through a deep holistic process, constellations help us to release the burden of unhealthy loyalties and initiate a self-healing process. So love can flow again.

Francine offers one on one sessions, constellations workshops and training in English, Spanish or French.

Francine can support you if:

– you feel stuck, lost

– something is holding you back

– there is a pattern in your life, in your family…

– you have done many years of therapy and still…

– you are sabotaging your life

– you are worried about your child

– you have a chronic illness, addiction

– you have unfulfilled relationships

– you have work and money issues

– you feel disconnected from your family, country, culture…

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Jennylee Taylor
Breathwork Practitioner

Jennylee Taylor is a Conscious Living Coach and Breathwork Practitioner who specialises in helping you to rekindle that inner spark for life by connecting you to your breath and nature…..

  Jennylee is passionate about supporting you to rediscover what you love about life, how you can live life with flow and ease, and how to be a part of the world without the world controlling you.

In sessions with Jennylee, she supports you to work towards rediscovering your natural self, find your joy, reconnect and become whole again , give yourself permission to blossom and grow, and move forward in life.

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Rebecca McMurray
Counsellor & Career Coach

Rebecca McMurray is the founder of Project Balance, established in 2017. Rebecca has personally worked through the overwhelming emotions that can come with motherhood….

at any stage and has a deep desire and unending passion to ensure that ALL women are able to feel supported and access counselling to reclaim themselves and their lives through these often difficult and isolating times.  Clients come to Rebecca to seek out professional help to overcome both physical or psychological barriers. Her approach does not seek to “treat” a problem. Instead, Rebecca seeks to apply a holistic approach by partnering with her clients. She aims to impart the techniques that they can use to take charge of their own recovery. This allows clients to learn the skills that can help them achieve positive, sustainable outcomes that they can then take to their everyday lives to reap the benefits for a lifetime.
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Jo Roberts-Thomson

Jo is a Naturopath, Herbalist and Iridologist with over 20 years experience in the Natural Health industry and a passion for nurturing clients on their journey to better health….

She studied an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy at Nature Care College in Sydney and since then has worked as a Naturopath in both retail and clinical settings. She has also taught Herbal Medicine and Clinical Studies to Advanced Diploma students at WEA Hunter in Newcastle.
Jo uses a variety of modalities including Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Bach Flowers, Nutrition, Homeopathy and food intolerance testing to assist her clients.
Prior to studying Naturopathy Jo studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons) at the University of Sydney including three years of Psychology and has an interest in emotional as well as physical wellbeing.
Jo is also the mother of three busy teens/young adults, and outside of work enjoys walking, nature, yoga, reading and spending time with her family and dogs.
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Camille Addison

Camille Addison has been a Holistic Kinesiologist for 9 years. She specialises in treating emotional health by using muscle monitoring to look at what may be causing imbalances in your body…..

Camille provides a safe space to help you process & release sadness, grief & depression. She also has a passion for helping people achieve their goals by clearing limiting beliefs, along with assisting women to release birth trauma or fear. Kinesiology is a gentle yet powerful treatment for any emotional issues.

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Emma Summerhayes
Skin Therapist

Slow Skin Co is a Low-tox, low footprint beauty salon. While on the surface it looks like a normal luxury beauty salon – offering facials, brow shaping, waxing and more – this business…..

has a conscience. Emma has created a hub where people can come in for trusted care, service, and education in skin health and make choosing a greener lifestyle more accessible to everybody.

Emma has done extensive researching and trailing products to ensure her business has a more positive footprint. All products used are Australian made, no nasty chemicals, cruelty free, eco-conscious and small batch production which means they are made once ordered, reducing excess waste. They are usually packaged in glass. Emma takes pride in considering, even the mileage to get them here.

Slow Skin co. is all about low-toxicity products and low waste, removing all unnecessary waste products such as disposable facial wipes, head bands and single-use applicators and replaced necessary items with recyclable alternatives, such as bamboo cotton tips and compostable tissues from Who Gives a Crap. Even the towels are made from fair trade, organic cotton. For anything that could not be done away with, the Sustainable Salons initiative steps in to collect the waste and give it a new life, while raising money for food rescue charity OzHarvest.

Emma wants to change the perception of the beauty industry, some people think going natural is just a hippie thing, their eyes glaze over when you try and talk to them about it, here I can show people you can still have a luxury facial, without using high toxin products that are mass produced and create a large amount of waste.

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Sara Knight

Sara Knight is the owner of The Gut Clinic in Newcastle, NSW in Australia. Sara specialises in helping people rediscover a calmer gut using food, nutrition and medicinal herbs…..

As someone who suffered from gut issues for years, Sara well understands the pain and impact of an unhappy gut. More so she understands personally how food, key nutrients and mindset are critical for health overall, especially gut, mood, skin and immunity.

After spending almost 20 years in the insurance industry, Sara made the leap to leave her well paid job to pursue her true passion: helping people using natural remedies and food as medicine in the field of naturopathy.

The decision to study was further reinforced with numerous awards – two for Outstanding Student of Year.  Her practice is flourishing and she was voted one of the Top Three Naturopaths in Newcastle in 2018.

In addition to gut health, Sara enjoys helping female entrepreneurs to be healthy in life generally so they can better succeed in business.  Her focus is on realistic healthy eating and stress resilience. In today’s’ society it is often easier to eat poorly than it is to eat healthily – this is further compounded for the busy working woman who has limited time. Sara also focuses on helping women understand stress, the impact on their body, mind and emotions as well as how better to withstand stress – to increase their resilience through knowledge and action.

Sara well understands the demands of a working woman – she is loved by an amazingly supportive husband, two fantastic kids as well as a cranky cat, numerous fish and prolific chickens.

If she is not working, you will find Sara at the movies, at the gym lifting weights or curled up reading her latest fantasy novel. She believes all of which are best enjoyed in yoga pants.

Any questions or concerns, please drop me a line.

With thanks


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Dr. Estee Lombard BSc.(Chiro) B.Chiro
Your Local Body Mechanic

Estee is an experienced, ethical, evidenced based chiropractor with a no bull approach to getting you out of pain and feeling better. She focuses on more than just the spine – treating….

acute through to chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions as well muscle tightness and/or joint stiffness  affecting any part of the human body. Examples of conditions treated include – headaches, back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, shoulder pain/rotator cuff problems, hip pain, plantar fasciitis etc

Estee as a part of the New Castle Health Collective prides herself on patient centered results driven care – her consult times are longer, thorough and she will work with you to tailor your care/treatment approach to your personal preferences, needs and goals.
Modalities available include Joint manipulation/mobilisation (including low force techniques), Myofascial Dry Needling, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Techniques, Deep Tissue Therapies, Soft Tissue Techniques, Rock Taping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Stretching Techniques, Active Care Advice and Rehabilitative/Performance Care.

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Troy Colmer
Energy Practitioner

Over the last few years I have discovered the major component to living an exceptional life and this is energy. When I say energy, I don’t mean the energy that you need to go to the gym, I mean….

the energy that we are made of. You see every thought and every emotion is energy and it effects the direction of our lives to have either a good or a bad experience. Say for instance you suffer some sort of traumatic experience in your life, what this does is create an energy that attaches to your body, no matter how much medication you take it won’t release that energy. The reason is, is because it was designed as a protection tool for the body it would stop you from putting your hand back in the fire as you would remember what the heat felt like and the emotions around it. Our belief systems work in much the same way which guide our whole lives, they are pieces of energy that have attached to our body which are mostly all installed before the age of seven. This is an automatic system that our body’s call upon when ever we want to do anything including a lot of the illnesses that people suffer from. The problem is most of us have installed belief systems that are no longer serving us or are faulty belief systems that may need to be changed. I have learnt a special technique that removes all emotional energy around traumas and stress and the same technique can change the energy in our belief systems. I am yet to come across anybody that this doesn’t work for. In my Law of Attraction Program, I teach people how this energy works and how to use it to their benefit. I also do one-off consultations for people to release all the stress and anxiety from the body. If you would like more information, please visit us.

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Bern Magnery
Psych-K Practitioner

Bern Magnery is a Psych-K Facilitator with a passion for empowering those who are looking for a happier, more fulfilling and productive life…..

Bern has been studying Personal Development and Self Empowerment for over twenty years.  It was when he completed the Bob Proctor Coaching program that he gained a very clear understanding of Universal Laws and the power dynamics of the mind. This he says was a turning point that changed his life. Bern facilities the Psych-K process which puts clients into a whole brain state by synchronising the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  This process allows for the elimination of stress, and the clearing of emotional blocks.
PSYCH-K is a powerful modality used to change subconscious beliefs. Beliefs determine our perceptions and how we react to everyday situations These beliefs are the source of all our habits in life, the things we do on auto pilot without thinking. Most people find it very difficult to change their habits…..with PSYCH-K this becomes very easy.
Studies in the field of neuroscience suggests that left and right brain integration, split brain research or brain dominance theory are powerful for creating lasting change, a key element to PSYCH-K.  Positive thinking, will power, positive affirmations and a lot of effort are some of the ways we try and change our habits. PYSCH-K reduces the resistance of the subconscious mind to the new idea and then internalises the new idea very easily through various processes that integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

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Kelly Devine
Pranayama and meditation

Hi, my name is Kelly! I’ve created Just Breathe: Pranayama and meditation for anyone to access and learn practical strategies that create clarity and calm in your interactions and everyday life.…..

I invite you to explore Pranayama (expansion of life force) and Dhyana (meditation) by guiding you through simple practices that focus on changing the patterns of your breath so that your mind becomes ready for focus.
You will be shown how these practical but powerful strategies can be easily integrated into your day and expand what you already have inside you.
I am a qualified yoga teacher and believe that everyone should have access to a community and resources that support learning, connection and personal growth, therefore, Just Breathe classes are not offered by donation. The class, teachings and provision of equipment are free of charge.
If you feel you have experienced benefit in attending the class and wish to participate in ‘dana’ (generosity), you are welcome to leave a contribution. This gift will provide someone else with the same opportunity to attend and receive benefit. The class you have attended is possible because of someone who practiced ‘dana’ for you.
This class is for everyone! The aim is for practice, not for perfection.
If you feel you would enjoy connecting and have the need for more information, please call or email.
Ph: 0419741753
With Metta

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