Newcastle Health Collective is home to a range of different health practitioners passionate about helping your be your healthiest self.

The therapies we have on offer are: Chiropractic care, natural beauty therapist, Psychology, Counseling, Naturopathy, hypnotherapy and NLP, Psych-K, Kinesiology,  Reiki, coaching, yoga, meditation, nutrition and massage.

We have over 20 practitioners here in our castle on Queen street, Cooks Hill!

What sets us apart from others, is that we work collaboratively to bring you the best care for your overall health.

We also offer ongoing events to educate you on the huge array of therapies you can do that can help you heal and feel your healthiest self.

We host bi-monthly movie nights, we run Thursday night talks, we have a podcast that you can listen to and we release a new podcast every week, and some weeks we release two. Every month we host a full moon yoga and meditation outside experience by donation.

I look forward to welcoming you into our space and treating you to a wonderful healthy experience.

Lucy x

Featured Practitioner
Jennylee Taylor

Get to know her here…

What’s your latest passion and why?

I am enthusiastic about connecting people to their own inner power so that their interactions come from a place of “power with” not “power over” others in a rich and robust environment based on peace.  This sounds big, and it is. So many people who come to me feel disconnected, empty, blank, lost, and not themselves anymore. My own journey has been about reconnecting with what it means to be me. It has been an exploration to go and rediscover and bring back the missing parts of my soul that connect to what it means to authentically be the whole me.

This is the opportunity I offer my clients.

What do you like most about being part of the Newcastle Health Collective space?

I love being part of the NHC space because it feels very special to be part of a team that are providing wellbeing services for the community. It’s such an atmosphere of love and support. The other practitioners are fun, interesting and have so much passion for what they do. It feels like I am part of something bigger that myself.

It feels good to be around people rather than tucked away on my own in business.

What is a common piece of advice that you give out to your clients?

I am a Breathwork Practitioner and most people don’t understand the power of using your own breath therapeutically.  I am often encouraging clients to become more conscious of their breathing and to use it to “breathe out” the overwhelm or whatever they want to let go of.

After a Breathwork sessions clients often have resolved and gained insights that have shifted how they see the world.  They can now make sense of the reasons they have done things in a particular way in the past which has resulted in them not getting what they want in life.

I am regularly advising clients to change their language when they go back to their daily routine so they can change the way they do things going forward.

For instance:

Change from “I always attract the wrong type of relationship” to “In the past I attracted the wrong person”.

Change from “I have always wasted everything I earn” to “Up until now I wasted what I had”.

The future is incremental moments of now, so by repeating old language around a behaviour the pattern just keeps moving forward with them.  The mind is literal so by changing your language you can invite a different way of doing something in the future rather than drag the past forward all the time.

In a breathwork session you may have let go at the source what it is that has been turning up in your life. Yet often the “old” ways have been there for decades and without changing the language around it you may unconsciously invite the “old” ways back in to test you as you go back into your daily life.

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Brand New Service
Collaborative health Care program

Are you needing extra support with your health? Do you struggle to know where to begin?

Here at the collective we have a fabulous service, called Collaborative health care program, it is designed to help support your whole health.

We are passionate about getting you to feel your healthiest across all areas of your life.

Here at the collective we hand pick the right practitioners that will support your overall health.

Go to our collaborative health care page to read more and book in for your initial consult.

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