Newcastle Health Collective is home to a range of different health practitioners passionate about helping your be your healthiest self.

The therapies we have on offer are: Chiropractic care, natural beauty therapist, Psychology, Counseling, Naturopathy, hypnotherapy and NLP, Psych-K, Kinesiology,  Reiki, coaching, yoga, meditation, nutrition and massage.

We have over 20 practitioners here in our castle on Queen street, Cooks Hill!

What sets us apart from others, is that we work collaboratively to bring you the best care for your overall health.

We also offer ongoing events to educate you on the huge array of therapies you can do that can help you heal and feel your healthiest self.

We host bi-monthly movie nights, we run Thursday night talks, we have a podcast that you can listen to and we release a new podcast every week, and some weeks we release two. Every month we host a full moon yoga and meditation outside experience by donation.

I look forward to welcoming you into our space and treating you to a wonderful healthy experience.

Lucy x

Featured Practitioner -
Melinda Kalac

Get to know her here..

We asked Melinda the following three questions:

1. What are you into right now, what’s your latest passion and why?
My latest passion is exercise! Over the lock down and during winter it was too easy to slow down and eat comfort foods, so now that it’s Spring, I am increasing my exercise, watching my food intake and treating my body like a temple. I already do a lot of meditation however the

more you meditate the more exercise you need to do, to keep the body healthy and strong. So I am balancing my exercise commitments with my meditation practises.
I am also very passionate about protecting the environment. I recently learnt that forests have “mother” trees that nurture other younger trees to ensure their survival. Just like humans! These “mother” trees are the older trees and they have underground symbiotic fungi connections which they use to communicate “forest wisdom” with one another. This study was put together in Canada by ecologist Suzanne Simard in the 1990s to help us understand which trees should be protected when they have to clear forests for either bush fire maintenance or logging.  I believe we can learn a lot from nature when we take the time to listen. A healthy environment, clean air, water and soil, is also very vital for the health and wellbeing of our bodies.
“The Elders were wise. They knew that man’s heart, away from nature would grow hard; they knew that the lack of respect for growing, living things, soon led to a lack of respect for humans, too.”  Chief Luther Standing Bear; Lakota Sioux (1868-1939)


2. What do you like most about being part of the NHC space?

I am so grateful to be part of the Newcastle Health Collective; a beautiful group of loving and caring practitioners. We all share the same vision of putting the health of ourselves and our clients as a number one priority. The Collective is very unique in that it offers the community so many different skills and abilities that can assist in all areas of health. I love how the Collective has many opportunities for Practitioners to grow and learn from each other both, personally and professionally.  There are many times throughout the week where we can connect with each other which makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than your own Practice.
“Loneliness melts away the moment you figure out how to contribute to others.”  Tony Robbins (Current Author & Personal Development Coach)


3. What’s a common piece of advice you give to your clients?

Each client I see is unique and I try to share some wisdom that is relevant to them. My biggest advice to all is to love and look after yourself on every level including your physical body, emotional body, mental body and just as important (and often forgotten) the spiritual body. We cannot help or serve others if we have not healed or loved that part of us that is hurt or broken. Your biggest investment is yourself. Loving yourself and all of your bodies is a great spiritual practice! Loving yourself makes you a better friend, partner, parent, business person and community member. Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts are wonderful ways to regularly remind ourselves that we need to love our body, mind and soul; so as to strengthen our ability to manage life’s challenges at any moment.
“You yourself, as much as anybody else in the universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha (Lived during 4th Century BC)
“The body of a man is like the chariot; his soul, the driver: and his senses, the horses. Drawn by those excellent steeds when well trained, he that is wise and patient, performs life’s journey in peace.” Vidura, Udyoga Parva (Mahabharata – wisdom from ancient Indian Sanskrit. Written approximately 3rd Century BC)
“I looked in temples, churches and mosques; But I found the divine within my heart.” Rumi (Surfi Poet – 13th Century AD)
“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.”  Corinthians 3:16-17 (The Bible New Testament – 2nd Century AD)
“Your body is the temple, your soul is the holy spirit, that is why you should not dirty your body by smoking, using addictive drugs or unhealthy practices. You have to take care of it because it is sacred. You must keep it clean and healthy.” Grand Master Chao Kok Sui (Founder of Modern Pranic Healing quoted from Achieving Oneness With the Higher Soul; January 2005)

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Brand New Service
Collaborative health Care program

Are you needing extra support with your health? Do you struggle to know where to begin?

Here at the collective we have a fabulous service, called Collaborative health care program, it is designed to help support your whole health.

We are passionate about getting you to feel your healthiest across all areas of your life.

Here at the collective we hand pick the right practitioners that will support your overall health.

Go to our collaborative health care page to read more and book in for your initial consult.

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