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Featured Practitioner -
Claudia Scalisi

Lets get to know Claudia!

  1. What are you into right now, what’s your latest passion and why?

Lately my passion for the spoken word has been front and centre of my focus.

I’ve always loved linking words together in ways that harness their power to soothe or inspire, direct attention and create movement within ones awareness.

Over the years I’ve used the spoken word within my yoga teachings to recite sacred poems as much as I’ve used words to describe parts of the anatomy. Both styles of communication share wisdom in ways ignite self-enquiry and thereby bring the listeners inwards.

I use this same exploration and enquiry in the WomanSpeak Circles I’ve been facilitating and witnessing some truly exquisite results with the circle members. We’ve seen women truly blossom within these spaces and begin to increase in confidence. Uncertainty in a woman’s message is being replaced with passionate and conviction as she explores speaking about various themes and embodying the practices we learn.

I feel truly honoured to hold this container for them to practice these skills



  1. What do you like most about being part of the NHC space?

The NHC space is so very nourishing.

The building itself captures the sunlight perfectly so there is minimal use of overhead lighting and the collective of practitioners at our centre are all heart-centered community members who are purpose driven in their chosen art.

Everything about the establishment oozes attention to detail, care and fosters trust.


  1. A common piece of advice that you give out to your clients?

A common piece of advice I give my clients is to learn how to self-care in ways that are generative for your nervous system.

This is especially important for when we are breaking free from outdated patterns of being. Take the time to feel how your body is responding to what you are doing, notice where your breath pools and pay attention to what words you are saying to yourself.

This deep self-enquiry creates a level of intimacy that is imperative for connecting to the power of the feminine and generates the inner safety she needs to fully express herself.

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Brand New Experience Offering
Inner City Retreat Day

Watch this space! We are busy preparing for a beautiful experience offering for you to soak yourself into. Book yourself or your loved one into Newcastle Health Collective for the day and receive treatments and counselling sessions that wil have you feeling nourished all the way to your soul.

Menu options coming VERY soon.

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