Welcome, we invite you into our beautiful castle to dip your toes or completely immerse yourself into some of the powerful and deeply healing services we have on offer here.

Please take sometime gettting to know our practitioners and their unique work they do that supports your healing. We have over 20 health professionals that choose to home their business with us so we know there is a service and a practitioner that is right for you. If you are feeling confused or not sure where to turn, we encourage you to give us a phone call and our friendly staff will support you in finding the right therpaist for you.

Our Whats New tab will showcase our monthly Whats On calendar and you can explore our weekly offerings of Yoga, Pilates, Stretch therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness classes while you are there too.

Looking for something in particular? You can search on the podcast page for a health topic, treatment or symptom that you would like to explore and let our practitioners shed some light on that for you.

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Featured Practitioner -
Leanne Halsey

Lets get to know Leanne!

  1. What are you into right now, what’s your latest passion and why?
I’m really enjoying spending time in my vegetable garden.  I’m enjoying planting seedlings, watching them thrive and then producing vegetables.  So far I’ve grown a variety of veggies with more on the way.  I love that what I am growing is organic and grown right at home. The convenience of popping outside to pick “something” while cooking is something I love to do.


  1. What do you like most about being part of the NHC space?
I love being a part of a beautiful likeminded supportive community, as well as spending time with and learning from the other practitioners.  I also enjoy learning and discovering all of the different therapies and treatments that Newcastle Health Collective has to offer. It is the people that make it such a great space to be.
  1. A common piece of advice that you give out to your clients?
I say it to clients and friends, but “we are all different”.  By this I mean our bodies, our abilities, our strengths, our muscles and bones . . . so many things can differ between us.  I like to think that because you can see another person beside you doing a particular thing, doesn’t mean you have to do it exactly the same or at the same intensity.  It isn’t a competition. Oh, and keep breathing!

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Brand New Experience Offering
Inner City Retreat Day

Watch this space! We are busy preparing for a beautiful experience offering for you to soak yourself into. Book yourself or your loved one into Newcastle Health Collective for the day and receive treatments and counselling sessions that wil have you feeling nourished all the way to your soul.

Menu options coming VERY soon.

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