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Supporting your child through grief and loss – Christine Martin.

Christine Martin and Lucy approach the topic that many would rather avoid – Grief & Loss.
Christine talks about how we can help children who experience changes in their families, such as separation and divorce or a death of a loved one. You will hear about ‘Seasons for Growth’, a strength based program she has facilitated in schools since 2007, that equips children with helpful strategies. It compares changes that happen in life with seasons, like a natural cycle.

Stories of loss and gentle responses needed at this time – Michelle Turnbull

Michelle is a Counsellor at the Newcastle Health Collective who shares with us her very personal and professional passion for understanding and supporting people through the grief and loss experience. Michelle supports both individuals and couples to understand and make space for their grief .. whilst deepening their lives and connection to self and others. Michelle speaks to us about the often heartbreaking stories of loss and the importance of a gentle, nurturing, compassionate response during these times.

Grief and the different emotions – Francine Jorda

Francine Jordà Pempelonne
Family Systemic Constellations facilitator and counsellor.

Francine Jordà joins Lucy Ellis to talk about Grief and Loss and what is different between a recent loss and the death of a loved one years ago. We discuss the importance of releasing primary emotions (pain, sadness, helplessness, anger, guilt) as a response to the loss. We also talk about what happens when our pain becomes suffering (a secondary emotion) and what helps to release it and reconnect us with the force of life.”





Grieving your Loss of Idenity with Jenny Taylor

Jenny and Lucy talk about grief and loss from the perspective of Breathwork and Jenny’s personal experience. Loss comes in many different forms and in this podcast they focus on grieving the loss of your own personal identity. What happens when you lose who you are in a relationship, job or other areas of life? They also delve into the concept of giving part of your self away to a person you love who is leaving.


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Featured Practitioner Jo Roberts-Thomson – Naturopath

On this podcast Lucy Ellis is speaking with our Practitioner of the Month, Jo Roberts-Thomson. Listen in and get to know Jo a little better, hear how Jo works gently with her sensitive clients, how she supports their oversensitive Nervous System and eases their symptoms.
For those who would like more information about Jo or to follow her or connect with her further, please use the following links:
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Breaking Down the Barriers and Misconception about Skin Care with Emma Summerhayes.

Today we talk with Emma Summerhayes from Slow Skin co.
Emma talks about breaking down the barriers and misconceptions people have about skin and skin care products that prevent them from looking after themselves.
Things such as:
* I am not a girly girl
* Men not looking after thier skin as its a womans “thing”
* Working around priorities
* Working within a budget


Cystic Acne with Sara knight

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins Lucy to talk about cystic acne. The key message is around holistic care: taking into account the various factors driving the acne (diet, hormones and skin microbiome) and working internally as well as topically. The conversation ends with a discussion around how sustainable health includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual working all together, with external guidance and support as needed, to create true health.

The hype with Mindfulness: What it can do for you – with Ali Taylor

Ali Taylor of Ali Taylor Yoga joins Lucy to chat about Mindfulness, what it is, and the benefits. Ali highlights that mindfulness doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact it’s quite simple. It is about being the observer of what’s going on within you and outside of you; the art of being in the present moment. Ali gives some great examples of how to bring mindfulness to our everyday tasks and how you can bring more presence to your life.

“When you drink, just drink. When you walk, just walk” – Zen proverb.

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about holistic root causes of depression.

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about causes of depression from a physical perspective.

In this podcast, our resident Nutrition Consultant, Suzie Garmeister and I talk about some of the holistic root causes of depression. Coming from personal experience and through working with her clients, Suzie emphasises just how paramount gut health is when it comes to balancing mood. Suzie explains how incorrect nutrition leads to inflammation, leaky gut, toxin release and nutrient deficiencies, all of which can contribute to depression and anxiety.