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Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about holistic root causes of depression.

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about causes of depression from a physical perspective.

In this podcast, our resident Nutrition Consultant, Suzie Garmeister and I talk about some of the holistic root causes of depression. Coming from personal experience and through working with her clients, Suzie emphasises just how paramount gut health is when it comes to balancing mood. Suzie explains how incorrect nutrition leads to inflammation, leaky gut, toxin release and nutrient deficiencies, all of which can contribute to depression and anxiety.

Chatting with Jo (Naturopath) about causes of Depression from a physical perspective

In this podcast, Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson and I discuss depression and some of the physical causes that could be underlying it. Jo suggests some herbs and nutrients that can assist with good mental health, and we also discuss Jo’s holistic approach to looking at depression in her clients.

Reconnecting with your body

Kate and Jennylee get together to talk about the importance of people getting out of their head and reconnecting with their body. They share how Breathwork and Yoga can be great tools to get people into their bodies and discuss techniques, awareness, the importance of movement both subtle and dynamic, and stillness within a shape using time and space. They also chat about the importance of reconnecting with nature, re-invigorating the senses and the impact this has to your overall wellbeing.

The importance of ‘dropping into your body’

In this podcast Christine Martin, EFT practitioner, and Francine Jordà, Family Systemic Constellation facilitator, chat about why “getting into your body” matters and how they incorporate “body awareness” in their everyday life.

We are so busy these days that we live most of our time in our head and disassociate from our body. When we ‘drop into our body’ and take notice of what happens in our body we get important feedback. Our body has its own wisdom, giving us signals and clues all the time about how to care for ourselves. Memories and emotions are stored in our body and can be released very effectively working with our body rather than our analytical mind.

Francine and Christine give you tips from their Family Constellation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practices as well as their own life experiences to help you drop into your body, lift your mood and live your life more connected and whole.

Getting Into You Body

Our body holds a wealth of knowledge and is a historical record of everything that has gone on in your life. Have you ever had a ‘gut feeling’? Getting into your body and creating better awareness can create huge emotional, mental and physiological shifts.
Join us for our panel podcast about getting into your body where we chat about the importance of listening to your body,  being ‘in-tune’ with your body’s wisdom and the impact this can have on your life.
In this episode we speak to Christine Martin – EFT practitioner, Jennylee Taylor – Breathwork practitioner and Suzie Garmeister – Nutritionist. You can read more about them on our practitioners directory page.

Impact emotions have on the rest of our body, our physical health, mind and spirit.

‘Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, and stress can manifest within the body and contribute to imbalance and disease, says Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE. For example, you are likely already familiar with the way that fear can contribute to digestive upset, or how tension can lead to headaches. Stuck or repressed emotions appear to be especially harmful to physical health. One study showed that people who repress their emotions are more likely to have disruptions in the normal balance of the stress hormone cortisol compared to people who freely express emotion. Over time, chronic psychological stress can change the way the body functions at a hormonal and immunologic level, contributing to the development and progression of cancer and cardiovascular disease.’

This podcast with Christine Martin, Counsellor & Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner from Rippleffective explores the impact emotions have on the rest of our body, our physical health, mind and spirit. ‘As much as we try to run away from uncomfortable emotions, they catch up with us in one form or another. Bottled up emotions are stored in our body and mind and if we try to numb them out, they can show up as physical or mental symptoms.’ Christine talks about the importance of tuning into feelings, caring for them and processing them to help keep our mind, body and spirit aligned and healthy.

Impact of the physical body on our mental and emotional health.

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins us to talk about how the physical body affects our mental and emotional health. As Sara specialises in gut health, she often sees the link between gut health and mood as well as emotional wellbeing. The vagus nerve and various chemical messengers in the body all serve to underpin the strong link between physical and emotional health. The conversation then takes an interesting turn in talking about motivation to change and how important it is to put yourself first.

Impact of the mind on emotions and body

Our brains produce as many as 50,000 thoughts per day (National Science Foundation) and ninety-five percent of these thoughts are repeated daily, reflecting the mindset or beliefs we hold that lead to those 50,000 thoughts.

Your mindset in turn governs your actions, which lead to your outcomes in life. In short, if you have a mindset that limits your potential, then you will likely accept limited outcomes in your life. For every outcome you experience a “reaction” that is reflected in your emotions and your physical body.

For example: If you got up this morning and thought “Today is going to be a bad day!” and for the rest of the day, you didn’t get the parking near the school, you ended up late for an appointment, you kicked your toe on the chair as you rushed in and sat down at your meeting. Is it possible that you would be feeling frustrated and about to explode, your breathing would be shallow and fast, your shoulders would be tense and sore or you might have a headache?

Imagine now if you repeated those thoughts every day for the rest of your life. Could your frustration turn to anger, and your tense shoulders turn to neck and back problems? This podcast explores the idea that Thought is Creative and how your mind language affects your whole body.

Featured Practitioner Jules Mcleod

Jules is one of our newest members here at the collective.

In this episode Jules talks about conscious healing and how using reiki you can amplify your healing journey. I loved chatting with Jules her conversation and knowledge is insightful, She is such an asset to our centre. If you are feeling like you need an energetic shift she is the lady to go to.

Troy Colmer’s perspective of Spiritual health and its effects on our overall health.

Troy is a manifesting guru, he believes that no matter what, we are creating the world we live in by our thoughts. So if you are unhappy with where you are at in your life, you might want to start auditing your thoughts to create a better life for yourself. Are you always expecting the worst? Troy expects the best and he gets it every time, he is more open to the opportunities of life and he looks for the messages of the universe to keep him on track.
It was meant to be a 20 minute podcast, but when we got talking we ended up in so many cool places the conversation just went on, we hope you like it too.