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Cystic Acne with Sara knight

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins Lucy to talk about cystic acne. The key message is around holistic care: taking into account the various factors driving the acne (diet, hormones and skin microbiome) and working internally as well as topically. The conversation ends with a discussion around how sustainable health includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual working all together, with external guidance and support as needed, to create true health.

A conversation with the Founder and owner of Newcastle Health Collective

Newcastle Health Collective has just turned three. It’s a great time for us to turn the microphone around and interview the main host of the show – Lucy Ellis, listen in to know Lucy’s values and passions for the center and why it’s such a special place.

Chatting with Suzie Garmeister about Skin

Lucy chats with Suzie about how our skin is affected by what we put in and on our body, and by the health of our insides. Suzie explains that inflammation, poor gut health, thyroid disorders, autoimmunity and hormones can be at the root of our skin issues such as rashes, psoriasis, eczema and acne, and that it is the 10-20 small decisions we choose everyday that can make the difference.

Suzie Garmeister is a Nutrition Consultant in her business Branch and Vine Nutrition.

The hype with Mindfulness: what it can do for you – with Christine Martin

Lucy chats with Christine Martin, of Ripple Effective Counseling, about being present and mindful with our emotions and thoughts. They discuss how being present with negative emotions and thoughts with acceptance can alleviate their strength and can dissipate fearful thoughts.

Aliveness – “You become sensitive to the actual experience of living, to how things actually feel. You do not sit around developing sublime thoughts about living. You live”. – Bhante Gunaratana, Buddhist Monk.

Featured Practitioner – Sara Knight

Our Featured Practitioner Sara Knight, Naturopath, joins Lucy to talk about stress and its effects on the body and mind. These two love a good chat and cover a range of topics including stress and gut health, acceptance of stress as normal and how to increase your resilience to stress. They talk about stress and its impacts on women specifically. They end with working with women to set them up to succeed, not to create more stress.

More information on improving your stress resilience here:

Looking at depression through the breathwork lense with Jennylee Taylor

This podcast looks at depression through the lens of Breathwork and explores the feelings that you have when you are in a depressed state. Feelings like emptiness, being disconnected and numb can be the consequence of suppressing emotions from past experiences. Breathwork uses the power of your own breath to bypass what you think you know to tap into your body and breath intelligence and locate the source of the held emotion that you may not even know is there.

Lucy and Jennylee go on to talk about three levels of being and what you may be thinking, physically feeling, and what emotions you would be experiencing when you are operating at each of the levels.

They also look at practical ways to help people in the moment when they are feeling anxious or depressed.

Chatting with Jo (Naturopath) about causes of Depression from a physical perspective

In this podcast, Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson and I discuss depression and some of the physical causes that could be underlying it. Jo suggests some herbs and nutrients that can assist with good mental health, and we also discuss Jo’s holistic approach to looking at depression in her clients.

Featured Practitioner – Jules Mcleod

Jules is our resident Reiki and Chakra balancing Goddess.

Come and have a cup of tea with Jules and Lucy as we listen to Jules explain to us what awakening our spiritual self actually is, and in particular what waking up to our Kundalini energy is all about.


Featured Practitioner Suzie Garmeister

Suzie is our resident Nutritionist with a deep passion for helping parents to support the nutrition of their children, by creating a diet that best suits the individual needs of the child. Especially for children with behavioral issues that are related to diet.


Listen to Suzie as she shares her families personal story with this and how it lead her into lots of research about nutrition.

The different aspects of our health and how they are all connected


Health is not binary!

We can not simply only focus on our physical health to be the healthiest we can be, but to be the healthiest we can be, we must also focus on our spiritual, mental and emotional health too.

Join us as we have a wonderful conversation with four of our health professionals here at the centre about all the aspects of our health and how they are all connected and we can not simply do one thing towards health without it impacting all areas of our health.

In this episode we speak to Troy Colmer – Psych-k facilitator, Casey Warwick – NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, Christine Martin – EFT practitioner and Jo Roberts-thomson – Naturopath You can check them out better over at our practitioners directory page

If you are interested to learn more about our collaborative Care program then head over to our collaborative health care page