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Listen to our Podcast

Self Reclamation with Claudia

Self-reclamation, owning your story and using your voice to share you message with the world are the juicy topics discussed in this podcast.In this interview, Lucy is talking with Feminine Embodiment Coach, Claudia Scalisi about how she navigated some of life’s tricky transitions to infuse the story of her life with sensuality and reclaim her […]

Lets get to know Dr Anna Suraev!

“In our latest podcast, Lucy chats with our Practitioner of the Month for August, Dr Anna Suraev (Clinical Psychologist). We learn more about Anna’s work and experience, as well as some suggestions about how to cope during the COVID-19 lockdown.” If you would like to book in with Anna you can do so via her […]

Natures Sit Spot with Jennylee

Nature is the one consistent grounding and healing space that we can all lean into in these times of need to support us. Breathwork practitioner, Jennylee Taylor is offering a free ongoing sit spot nature challenge. That has been offering all sorts of amazing benefits during this first week of Lockdown. A sit spot is […]

Ripple Effect of Doing the Inner Work!

In this podcast Lucy is chatting to counsellor and EFT Practitioner Christine Martin about the ripple effect of doing the inner work. They discuss how we want to change people or the world around us in the hope of leading us to happiness. Yet Clients often notice unexpected external changes after experiencing shifts in their […]

Mindfully Moving our Body

“In today’s podcast we talked about the power of WomanSpeak, which is a dynamic feminine-centered leadership and public speaking training led by Claudia Scalisi, a WomanSpeak Leader and Circle Facilitator here in Newcastle. Claudia shared with us how the power of mindfully moving our body has the capacity to not only increase our physical wellness, […]

Advantages of Moving Your Body

In our latest podcast Lucy chats with Leanne from Connected Pilates about the advantages of moving your body, and how you can include activity in your day. Lucy and Leanne discuss how they feel after exercise and how it affects and benefits their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Supporting men’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing with Bec Wellard!

Trigger Warning: Discussion about Suicide. June 14th to 20th was International Men’s Health Week so Bec Wellard spoke with Lucy about her interest in supporting men’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing. When she started her therapy business, Bec realised that all of the people who booked in for sessions were women, and it got […]

Living True to Your Values with Chelsea

Chelsea talks with Lucy about living true to your values. In this episode, they chat about what it feels like to be out of alignment with your true values and how you can recognise this and start to take action from a place that serves you. You can find Chelsea on her website – […]

Living True to Your Values – One of Life’s Motto!

Living true to your values is one of Christine’s motto in life. She is founder of Rippleffective counselling, EFT Practitioner, Student welfare worker, mother, grandmother and bestselling author. In this podcast Christine and Lucy talk about the challenges of discerning what our own values are rather than the values we honour to stay loyal to our families. “When we […]

Our Practitioner of The Month for May – Leanne Halsey!

In our latest podcast Lucy chats with our Practitioner of the Month for May, Leanne from Connected Pilates, about all things Pilates. We learn more about her classes and her experiences. We also get to dive a little deeper and learn a little more about Leanne herself.


Alexandra Quirk our resident herbalist chats with Lucy about comprehending our innate potential to harbour skills of alchemy. Alex also shares how about abundance in the physical realm by understanding the vibrational aspects that are inherently what makes us who we are: an expression of the universe as a whole.

Successful Manifestation!

Lucy and Tash chat about the key steps to successful manifestation, and how our mindset plays an important role in living a life full of conscious manifestation.

You are manifester of your life – so how does it work?

Why do bad things happen? How can you influence better? We all want to know the answers to these questions with the internet saturated with information! In this podcast Lucy and Amanda delve deep into world of practical manifestation tools and touch on the complex world of Tantra so that you too can be empowered […]

Manifesting with Steve Centra

In this podcast, Steve Centra speaks with Lucy about Manifesting – our theme for the month. Steve explains his own manifestation experience and how this has landed him at the Newcastle Health Collective as a Reiki Therapist and Life Coach.

Are we making our children Anxious?

In this segment ‘Are we making our children anxious?’ Kas Pitkin shares her view with Lucy of the importance of parents focusing on their own reactions and experience of their child’s anxiety with the belief that a calmer parent equals a calmer child!

Family is a Feeling!

Alexandra chats with Lucy about how family isn’t exclusive to your biological forbearers. Family is a feeling.. a moment of contentment and fulfilment, which can be found in your friendships, at your work place, the connection you harbour with Mother Earth. You may also find this familiar family feeling within yourself, too.   You can […]

Xavier King – Practitioner of the Month!

On this podcast we get to know Xavier in a fun and deeper level. We talk about everything from how he’s manifested the life he has and how he maintains that energy, to the law of attraction and he gives some sweet spot tips on how to bring more of it to your life. Also […]

Family Matters

“Family Constellation facilitator Francine Jordà chats with Lucy about why family matters. We like to think that free will leads our lives… yet, we are more connected to our family and to what happened in the past than we think we are. The way we are bonded to our parents, and our loyalties to the […]

Yarning about perfectly imperfect parenting!

Join Sarah and Lucy as they discuss the myth of perfect parenting and the added stress this places on parents and children within families. Sarah talks about the need to focus on “good enough” parenting and reminds us it’s okay to not be okay too.   Interested in this topic? Want to dive a little […]

Practitioner of The Month – Chel King

On this podcast Lucy chats with our practitioner of the month Chel King, Reiki Master Teacher and Australia’s first Reiki Tattooist. Chel explains how she combines Reiki energy healing with professional tattooing and shares some personal and client experiences. Having almost finished her Adv. Dip of Transpersonal Art Therapy at Sydney’s College of Complementary Medicine, […]

It all starts with knowing who you are!

In this podcast Lucy talks about the three key ingredients to boosting your self confidence. Knowing yourself, Accepting yourself and Backing yourself. A short 10 minute  podcast that will have you keeping in your lane and feeling good about who you are. Interested in this topic? Want to dive a little deeper? Come along to […]

Confidence and Injectables

In this podcast Telisa chats with Lucy about confidence and Injectables. What are Cosmetic Injectables and how can they help us? What is the difference between anti wrinkle and filler? Nurse Telisa explains the benefits of getting cosmetic Injectables and being conservative with treatments to achieve the best results possible. Interested in this topic? Want […]

Re-Learning Freedom: Self-confidence in the face of trauma, and how beautiful it is on the other side!

On this podcast Chel King, Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki Tattooist here at Newcastle Health Collective, shares some insights into regaining self-confidence during and after an abusive relationship. Chel sheds light on the things that helped her recognise her worth again, and chats with Lucy about the importance of self-nurturing and personal boundaries. Instagram Facebook  […]

Exercising Your Fear Muscle!

Jules Stone McLeod from Green Door Reiki talks about exercising your fear muscle, and moving from playing small to moving into expansion. She also unpacks the link between opening up to your authentic way of being and self confidence. Jules also speaks about her personal experience of having anxiety and panic attacks to now living […]

A yarn about the importance of connection and community!

Come and have a listen to Lucy yarn to Sarah about how connection is the consistent value in her professional practice with client, from connection to clients through yarning and sharing narratives to empower their wellbeing through to the importance of connection to Country to ensure we heal ourselves as humans, not just individually but […]

Who am I from The Souls Perspective!

In this podcast Melinda from Pranic Healing Hunter talks about “Who Am I?” from the Soul’s perspective. She chats with Lucy and shares that when we remember that we are the Soul, we have the power to be who we want to be, to change our thoughts and emotions. Every time we remember and connect […]

“How Boundaries Allow You to Trust Your Intuition”

In this podcast Xavier covers “Who am I” from his perspective around how boundaries have changed his understanding of himself, others and the world around us. He believes that who we are is ever changing, we are continuously becoming and unbecoming and covers the importance of establishing and understanding ourselves through our boundaries which leads us […]

Featured Practitioner – Jennylee Taylor

In this episode Lucy gets to know practitioner of the month Jennylee Taylor from Breathe and Be You. They chat about about her passion for writing as a co author in Wild Women Rising: Women who carved their own path and two others books she has bubbling away based on her experience as a female […]


In this podcast Lucy and Sarah yarn about how although we are our own individual selves and identities we carry within us the wisdom, strength and resilience of our ancestors. And that if we tap into the energy, the epigenetics or ancestral memory of our past generations we have an amazing amount of strength and […]

Connect with your True Essence

An inspiring and deep heart to heart with Lucy the owner of the collective and in house hypnotherapist about the topic of ‘Who am I’ bring an open mind and get ready to connect with your true essence. In this podcast you will feel a movement to drop the labels, achievements and roles you play […]

Pleasure – A feeling of happy Satisfaction & Enjoyment!

In this podcast Lucy and Amanda talk about sex and pleasure; when is too much of a good thing bad? What is sexual energy and how can it help to heal? How can we balance our chakras? They share a few funny as well as heart warming stories, Check it out now!

Cultivating Sexual Energy & Pleasure!

  Rebecca and Lucy chat about cultivating a sexual relationship with ourselves to experience more pleasure whilst learning what to ask a sexual partner for. Sharing ways to build sexual energy, masturbating beyond a quickie or goal focused outcome and how sexual exploration beyond familiar ways can develop new neural pathways leading to more pleasure […]

Featured Practitioner – Tash Brownslow

Join Lucy as she gets to know a bit more about featured practitioner Tash and listen to them share their insights into moving beyond weight loss mindset, to finding the freedom to live a well-balanced healthy and happy life.

Becoming Free In The Bedroom

On this episode, Lucy sits down with Cindra from Conscious Couples to talk all things sex and pleasure, especially blocks to our sexuality. We discuss how our sex education growing up didn’t serve us and how this has negatively impacted the way we experience sex. Many women seem to have disassociated from sex all together, […]

Stepping outside our Comfort Zone

Robyn chats with Lucy about how stepping outside our comfort zone can initially cause stress. Our brains are wired to do the same. To change can cause your brain to use much more energy than required in your every day life. Changing course is difficult for your brain. Practicing mindfulness can help your mind be less […]

Expand Through the Discomfort Zone

Lucy and Tash share a light-hearted chat about how resting in our comfort zone sometimes offers us a beautiful place of sanctuary, while at other times can actually be a source of pain. They discuss how embracing the discomfort of stepping outside the zone, and allowing it to expand, can be an invaluable way for […]

Featured Practitioner – Kas Pitkin

Kas Pitkin is our featured practitioner and feels privileged to take part in this podcast with Lucy.  Kas opens up on a personal level around her journey, challenges and hopes as a therapist! If you are a little curious about Kas, listen to her get real in this interview.

Reclaiming our Health in the New Earth

In this podcast Lucy talks with Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson from The Nurture Path about tuning in to our body’s own wisdom. As we move forward into a new way of being, we are learning to look within and trust ourselves more rather than give our power away, and that goes for our health as well. […]

Is it even the New Earth?

As we move into unprecedented times, our experience of life has somewhat changed.  During todays podcast, Jules speaks to the notion that we are in fact not in the New Earth currently but rather moving through the dismantling of society. This is the stage that is necessary before the rebirth, renewal and regeneration of the New […]

Newcastle Health Collective’s Story!

A genuine conversation about Newcastle Health Collective’s story so far. Lucy speaks openly about some of the tougher times in business and what has kept her in business and loving it.

The Golden Age

  When all astrological and ancient calendar’s point to an end of an era (and the beginning of a new time), it makes you wonder what this New Earth will be like and whether it will be a Golden Age. In this podcast, Lucy and Melinda talk about how the Mayan calendar, Earth’s orbit around […]

The Rising of Femme Power

In this Podcast Amanda and Lucy talk about the rising of femme power, the impact this has on the world we live in and what it means to be living in 2020. They touch on how Amanda’s work as a Femme Freedom Therapist helps clients to unlock energy blockages, heal past trauma and harness sexual […]

A yarn about how Dadirri, a Traditional Aboriginal Spiritual Practice, is still relevant in today’s Contemporary World.

Dadirri pronounced Da-did-ee is a traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practice of inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and is from the The word, concept and spiritual practice that from the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region (Northern Territory, Australia) and Aunty Miriam-Rose has introduced this […]

Prevention for Mental Health with Melinda Kalac

It’s suicide prevention month and what that means for us health practitioners here at the centre is to focus on prevention of mental illness. In this podcast Lucy discusses with Melinda about how to prevent mental ill health through cleansing our energy with meditation and specifically pranic healing. With these specific healing modalities you receive […]

Prevention for Physical Sickness with Holly Cogan

Can heavy emotions make you sick? It’s proven that short term bouts of emotional and mental problems can give us physical sickness and if untreated can lead to more serious diseases within the body. Hypnotherapist, Holly Cogan from @thisismyheartdivedeep talks to us about how to prevent physical sickness by doing the emotional and mental work […]

Prevention for Physical Injury with Leanne Halsey

Injury prevention is a crucial factor we need to explore when starting out exercising. Our Pilates Instructor Leanne gives us some great tips to make sure that you exercise safely and get results with no injury.

Featured Practitioner – Melinda Kalac!

Melinda is a new face on the block and Lucy and her share many long and insightful conversations with lots of belly laughs too. In this podcast you can feel Melinda’s passion for her work and you will learn what Pranic Healing is. Melinda holds a Twin Hearts Meditation every Wednesday night here at 6:30pm.

Saying NO for your Health with Alexandra Quirk

Saying NO to people is hard, but saying NO to our old copping behaviours and substances can be even harder. In this podcast Alexandra speaks about how saying No to these behaviours / people is giving your body space to rest and digest. Something that we are missing in our current world. In fact Alexandra […]

Saying NO for Your Health with Jennylee Taylor

Saying NO to others is saying YES to yourself. Lucy talks with Jennylee Taylor about what it means to say YES to yourself and taking responsibility for teaching people how to treat you. Saying yes to yourself reconnects you with your internal power and saying yes to everyone else gives YOUR POWER AWAY and also […]

Saying NO for Your Health with Robyn Cruickshank

Why is it so hard for us to say No? In this Podcast Robyn talks about her owned lived experiences with saying NO for her health and how her body had to say NO for her at times. When we say no its common for us to feel guilty especially if we identify as being […]


Pilates is a wonderful exercise to work on all the supportive muscles that keep us our best and healthiest self. It can be a great form of exercise to do in recovery from an injury. Lucy chats with our resident Pilates Instructor, Leanne Halsey. Leanne runs 6 week beginner classes here at the centre every […]


There are many different practices of meditation, at the centre we are lucky enough to have four different practitioners within this field. In this podcast Lucy chats to two, Geoff and Melinda. Both offer different styles. It is hard to not feel inspired to meditate after listening to the many benefits of meditation in this […]


Not all naturopaths are the same. In fact most naturopaths have a specialised field of study that really defines who and what types of symptoms they might treat. Jo, our resident naturopath has a keen interest in also exploring the emotional contributors to a physical symptom as well as supporting the physical system. Her treatment […]

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

Lucy chats with Christine Martin. One of our resident Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioners about the ripple effect of this wonderful work. Christine shares a very heartfelt story of how emotional freedom technique has made a huge difference in her life and in relationships with those around her. Listen in for a beautiful conversation between […]


Alexandra Quirk shares how she loves returning back to the traditional medicine of plants. Sharing with us that there is a plant for every ailment we have!! When asked ‘why would someone come to a herbalist?’ Alex answered ‘The same reason you would go to a doctor, when you are sick’. Perhaps this answer can […]


It’s no shock that our diet is one of the biggest indicators of our physical and mental health, but so many of us are still just eating for our taste buds. Lucy chats with Suzie about her passion as a Nutritionist and why you might be interested to get her to help you.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations can support you to look at your problem in the  context of your family system. It helps you to get a wider view of family and entanglements and  disorder. Through a therapeutic process it makes space for healing. Lucy, Francine and Christine chat about this profound work and their personal experiences with the […]


No, we are not going to make you cluck like a chicken, but we are going to help you create the life of your dreams. Settle in for this great conversation with our two resident hypnotherapists. Lucy and Holly and listen to what hypnotherapy really is and how it can serve you.


Did you know we have 7 Reiki Practitioners here at the Collective? All with their own style and gifts. Some see images, symbols, past lives, hear songs or have messages from past love ones. There are so many reasons you will choose to have reiki, it’s a different experience every time. Lucy chats to 4 […]


Today, Lucy chats with Jennylee about what Breathwork is and how it can help you peel back the layers and live your true purpose unhinged. Whether you come for one session or many there are there can be great benefits to connecting with your breath. If you wish to work with Jennylee you can access [...]

Gestalt Therapy

A Heartfelt and  passionate conversation with Kassie Pitkin and Rebecca Wellard about what is Gestalt therapy, why people would book in with a Gestalt therapist and how this therapy has changed their life. You'll be able to get a good feel for these therapists and you wont be able to wait to get in to see [...]

Featured Practitioner of the Day – Rachael Heslop

In this podcast Lucy chats with Rachael our Health and Wellness coach about how to make achievable goals so you can maintain these behavioral changes.

Showcasing Our Practitioners – Helen Burgess

Our brand new practitioner Helen Burgess talks to Lucy about her psychic medium gifts and how she can help you connect with a loved one, or a guardian angel. Providing you messages that you might need to hear to heal.

Showcasing our Practitioners – Holly Cogan

Lucy chats with Featured Practitioner Holly Cogan about BOUNDARIES. Debunking the rigidity of what the word Boundaries might suggest and how healthy boundaries are as fluid as what we feel on any given day.. If any of this resonates with you, please contact Holly via her Facebook Page

Showcasing Our Practitioners – Chel King

We all know the famous Nikola Tesla quote, that “if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. But what if you could SEE your own unique energy, frequency and vibration? To better understand yourself, your Source and the stage of evolution that your Being is […]

Showcasing our Practitioners – Bec Wellard

Bec loves working with the BIG stuff. The stuff you might find scary. But she will never push you towards it. The relationship between Bec and her clients is of huge importance to Bec. She likes to make sure that you feel comfortable.  That she gives you her undivided attention for the full hour. That […]

Francine Jorda talks to us about Inflammation.

In this podcast Francine Jorda talks about how to look at inflammation with curiosity. Often symptoms are like messengers that carry information about what we need to address in other levels of our life: emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Usually we try to get rid of the symptom. Francine invites us to start communicating with our inflammation […]

Elizabeth Ross talks about Inflammation.

Liz Ross speaks to Lucy about the physical, emotional and mental responses to inflammation. Inflammation on a physical level causes redness, swelling, heat and pain. This is an inflammatory response. On a mental level when cortisol (the stress hormone) is released in large amounts in the human body, it can cause fatigue, stress, social isolation, […]

Herbalist Alexandra Quirk talks Inflammation

Alexandra chats with Lucy about Inflammation. “Inflammation is a the body’s natural response to pathogens and is an imperative tool for our wellbeing. Although when inflammation becomes chronic, we have to find the root cause to restore balance and homeostasis within ourselves” “Inflammation is the body’s natural response to pathogens and is an imperative tool […]

Inflammation with Suzie Garmeister

Suzie talks with Lucy about Inflammation! “Is Inflammation the root cause of all health issues?? No. The CAUSE of the inflammation is! Acute inflammation is the body’s natural physiological process of defence. Chronic inflammation however is NOT healthy. Chronic inflammation can continue for weeks, months or even years unless the trigger is removed.  It can […]

Practitioner of The Month Karen Bruwer

Karen Bruwer is our Practitioner of The Month. Karen chats with Lucy about part of her life in South Africa and her recent move back to Australia and settling in Newcastle.  Karen discusses with Lucy the different Modalities that she practices (Usui Reiki and Master Mindfulness Meditation Teacher) and how her clients can benefit from […]

Chel King – Strategies to Release Anxiety

Chel King shares how meditation, art and energy work became important for her journey with anxiety, and how you can implement similar avenues for working with your own challenges. Chel is reiki practitioner, artist and tattoo artist and works at Newcastle Health Collective on Mondays. Touching on shifting our perspective, substance abuse, abusive relationships and […]

Strategies on how to Release Anxiety with Christine Martin

Statistics show that anxiety is on the rise. When anxiety starts to affect your life it is important to learn strategies and seek help to calm and release that anxiety in order to prevent social isolation or other health issues. EFT Practitioner Christine Martin talks about the very effective evidence based tool of Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known […]

Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapist talks about Anxiety

Lucy Ellis leading hypnotherapist for the human brain, chats about making a deep strong friendship with our anxiety, she believes that our anxiety carries a wisdom about looking at something within yourself that you need to empower. It’s about strengthening your self confidence in this area, and using this feeling of anxiety to get to […]

Sara Knight talks About Anxiety

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins Lucy to talk about one Sara’s favourite ways to help someone with anxiety. They talk about the amazing mineral magnesium, what forms to get and its amazing calming affects on both the mind and the body. Some simple yet powerful tips to calm an anxious mind and […]

Sara Knight – Breathing Why it’s Important.

Sara Knight Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, talks with Lucy about how she uses breath in her clinic as a diagnostic tool for anxiety and stress. Furthermore, they discuss how breath can be used as a tool to create awareness about stress and anxiety levels, especially in those that have become accustomed to operating under […]

Weight loss-It doesn’t have to be complicated with Allison Slee

Allison, from Vitality Lifestyle is a health and nutrition coach and has a keen interest in achieving long term weight loss and increased energy for her clients. Allison chats to Lucy about her passion of having a holistic approach to weight loss, including listening to, nourishing, moving  and appreciating our bodies in ways that work for you, […]

Breathing Techniques with Lucy Ellis

              Lucy shares the first step in hypnotherapy to assist you to change state. A breathing technique that can access the parasympathetic nervous system for rest and digest. You can use this technique to quieten the mind and relax the body. To help you to have a good nights […]

Breathwork & Why its Important with Liz Ross

Liz and Lucy shared together in the monthly podcast- “Breathwork and why it’s important” This was Liz’s first ever podcast. Liz spoke about the reduction of stress and cortisol in the body when doing the 10, 20, 30 breathwork which can take as little as 5 minutes. Not only does breathwork reduce stress, release toxins […]

Breathing – Why its so Important with Jennylee Taylor

              In this podcast Jennylee talks about the 3 levels of Breathing, and how Breath equals LIFE! Breathwork is more than just breathing to survive. Breathwork is an amazing tool that influences your thinking and how you manage stress and overwhelm. How you breathe impacts every facet of your […]

Jennylee Taylor talks about Finding Yourself Again after a Big Life Change

In this podcast Lucy and Jennylee talk about finding yourself after a big life change. Jennylee says that big life changes can lead you away from being fully connected to your heart or the essence of who you really are. This can leave you feeling like an empty shell, lost and not knowing who you […]

Finding Yourself Again after The Children Leave Home with Lucy Ellis

                Lucy @lucyellishypnotherapy talks on the topic of Finding Yourself after The Children leave home. Being an empty nester we have so much more time and space to have all of our unprocessed emotions show up.   This can be overwhelming and feel intense, but a wonderful time […]

Divorce/Separation and Finding Yourself Again with Michelle Turnbull

                Michelle is a Counsellor at the Newcastle Health Collective and shares with us about finding ourselves again after separation or divorce. Much of our identify can be formed in and around significant relationships and when these end we can find ourselves in a space of devastation and […]

Helping Children with a Major Life Change with Christine Martin

            The discussion Lucy is having with Christine Martin in this Podcast is around children and life changes. They admit how tempting it is as a parent to intervene, when they see their children struggle experiencing change, such as losing a friend or parents separating. With all good intentions we just want to make things […]

Featured Practitioner – Christine Martin

                  Meet and get to know Rippleffective Counsellor Christine Martin who is starting 2020 as the Practitioner of the Month!  Divine timing for Christine as her intention for 2020 is to Shine Brightly! In this podcast Christine chats to Lucy about her passions in business as well […]

Lucy Ellis Practitioner of the Month, Answers your questions!

            Practitioner of the Month LUCY ELLIS Hypnotehrapy answers questions from you our listeners and watchers from Facebook Land. Listen in to hear Lucy’s radical dreams of going on an around the world road trip with her husband. Hear about her passions and some of the amazingly successful client stories […]

Supporting your child through grief and loss – Christine Martin.

  Christine Martin and Lucy approach the topic that many would rather avoid – Grief & Loss. Christine talks about how we can help children who experience changes in their families, such as separation and divorce or a death of a loved one. You will hear about ‘Seasons for Growth’, a strength based program she […]

Stories of loss and gentle responses needed at this time – Michelle Turnbull

Michelle is a Counsellor at the Newcastle Health Collective who shares with us her very personal and professional passion for understanding and supporting people through the grief and loss experience. Michelle supports both individuals and couples to understand and make space for their grief .. whilst deepening their lives and connection to self and others. […]

Grief and the different emotions – Francine Jorda

Francine Jordà Pempelonne Family Systemic Constellations facilitator and counsellor. Francine Jordà joins Lucy Ellis to talk about Grief and Loss and what is different between a recent loss and the death of a loved one years ago. We discuss the importance of releasing primary emotions (pain, sadness, helplessness, anger, guilt) as a response to the […]

Grieving your Loss of Idenity with Jenny Taylor

Jenny and Lucy talk about grief and loss from the perspective of Breathwork and Jenny’s personal experience. Loss comes in many different forms and in this podcast they focus on grieving the loss of your own personal identity. What happens when you lose who you are in a relationship, job or other areas of life? […]

Featured Practitioner Jo Roberts-Thomson – Naturopath

On this podcast Lucy Ellis is speaking with our Practitioner of the Month, Jo Roberts-Thomson. Listen in and get to know Jo a little better, hear how Jo works gently with her sensitive clients, how she supports their oversensitive Nervous System and eases their symptoms. For those who would like more information about Jo or […]

Breaking Down the Barriers and Misconception about Skin Care with Emma Summerhayes.

Today we talk with Emma Summerhayes from Slow Skin co. Emma talks about breaking down the barriers and misconceptions people have about skin and skin care products that prevent them from looking after themselves. Things such as: * I am not a girly girl * Men not looking after thier skin as its a womans […]

Cystic Acne with Sara knight

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins Lucy to talk about cystic acne. The key message is around holistic care: taking into account the various factors driving the acne (diet, hormones and skin microbiome) and working internally as well as topically. The conversation ends with a discussion around how sustainable health includes physical, mental, […]

Featured Practitioner – Francine Jorda

In this episode, Lucy chats with Francine Jorda, Family Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Counsellor, about her passion for working with worried parents. An incredibly insightful episode, not to be missed.

The hype with Mindfulness: What it can do for you – with Ali Taylor

Ali Taylor of Ali Taylor Yoga joins Lucy to chat about Mindfulness, what it is, and the benefits. Ali highlights that mindfulness doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact it’s quite simple. It is about being the observer of what’s going on within you and outside of you; the art of being in the present […]

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about holistic root causes of depression.

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about causes of depression from a physical perspective. In this podcast, our resident Nutrition Consultant, Suzie Garmeister and I talk about some of the holistic root causes of depression. Coming from personal experience and through working with her clients, Suzie emphasises just how paramount gut health is when it comes to […]

Chatting with Jo (Naturopath) about causes of Depression from a physical perspective

In this podcast, Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson and I discuss depression and some of the physical causes that could be underlying it. Jo suggests some herbs and nutrients that can assist with good mental health, and we also discuss Jo’s holistic approach to looking at depression in her clients.

Reconnecting with your body

Kate and Jennylee get together to talk about the importance of people getting out of their head and reconnecting with their body. They share how Breathwork and Yoga can be great tools to get people into their bodies and discuss techniques, awareness, the importance of movement both subtle and dynamic, and stillness within a shape using […]

The importance of ‘dropping into your body’

In this podcast Christine Martin, EFT practitioner, and Francine Jordà, Family Systemic Constellation facilitator, chat about why “getting into your body” matters and how they incorporate “body awareness” in their everyday life. We are so busy these days that we live most of our time in our head and disassociate from our body. When we […]

Getting Into You Body

Our body holds a wealth of knowledge and is a historical record of everything that has gone on in your life. Have you ever had a ‘gut feeling’? Getting into your body and creating better awareness can create huge emotional, mental and physiological shifts. Join us for our panel podcast about getting into your body […]

Impact emotions have on the rest of our body, our physical health, mind and spirit.

‘Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, and stress can manifest within the body and contribute to imbalance and disease, says Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE. For example, you are likely already familiar with the way that fear can contribute to digestive upset, or how tension can lead to headaches. Stuck or repressed […]

Impact of the physical body on our mental and emotional health.

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins us to talk about how the physical body affects our mental and emotional health. As Sara specialises in gut health, she often sees the link between gut health and mood as well as emotional wellbeing. The vagus nerve and various chemical messengers in the body all serve […]

Impact of the mind on emotions and body

Our brains produce as many as 50,000 thoughts per day (National Science Foundation) and ninety-five percent of these thoughts are repeated daily, reflecting the mindset or beliefs we hold that lead to those 50,000 thoughts. Your mindset in turn governs your actions, which lead to your outcomes in life. In short, if you have a […]

Featured Practitioner Jules Mcleod

Jules is one of our newest members here at the collective. In this episode Jules talks about conscious healing and how using reiki you can amplify your healing journey. I loved chatting with Jules her conversation and knowledge is insightful, She is such an asset to our centre. If you are feeling like you need […]

Troy Colmer’s perspective of Spiritual health and its effects on our overall health.

Troy is a manifesting guru, he believes that no matter what, we are creating the world we live in by our thoughts. So if you are unhappy with where you are at in your life, you might want to start auditing your thoughts to create a better life for yourself. Are you always expecting the […]

Meet Casey one of our hypnotherapist and NLP practitioners.

I’m sure when you take a listen you will pick up on Casey’s Passion and knowledge in the field of healthy and toxic feminine and masculine. Lucy and Casey have a deep and insightful discussion about what toxic feminine and masculine looks like and what we must do in our relationships to make space for […]

Let’s talk about Living with Purpose with Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle Bailey from Consciously Choosing Life, prefers to say Living ON purpose, as it is an opportunity to deeply connect with your Soul Purpose, and Higher Self reason for being here on Earth. There is less searching for the answers to find out “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is my Life Purpose?” […]

Let’s talk about Living with Purpose with Emma Summerhayes

We talk to Emma from Slow Skin co. about what “Living with purpose” means to her and find out about her journey from working in conventional skin care salons to opening her own Low toxin, Low footprint Skin Health Studio.

Let’s Talk about Living with Purpose with Troy Colmer

Troy Colmer from Flowing Dams has come to join us today to talk about finding our purpose. He talks about how our beliefs control who we are and some things you could do to change them. He also talks about how you could find your purpose in life and about his journey that he has […]

Let’s Talk about Identity with Francine Jordá

Francine Jordà talks about two characteristics that play an important role in our sense of identity: BELONGING and BECOMING. As mammals we need to belong. We start our life BELONGING to a family system, a workplace, a belief system or a religious community. In order to feel safe, we follow the rules of our system: […]

Let’s talk about Identity with Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle Bailey from Consciously Choosing Life joins us to talk about Identity and that we are not who we think we are. We wear various identities or masks to meet our needs. She shares what our five basic needs are and how we expect others to meet these needs for us, and how we meet […]

Let’s talk about Identity with Jennylee Taylor

The natural way of being is to live life in your higher self and to be whole and complete. To be fully in contact with your essence, total self, spiritual or moral self – your soul. To live IN the world and not be controlled by it. To enjoy unconditional love, joy and bliss. So […]

Let’s talk about Identity with Michelle Turnbull

Michelle Turnbull is a Counsellor at the Newcastle Health Collective and she talked with us today about identity. Michelle explores how our identity can be shaped by so many parts of life including our culture, families, relationships and most powerfully…ourselves. Michelle works with people going through significant life changes, so she will share with us […]

Let’s talk about Identity with Lucy Ellis

Our leader and owner of Newcastle Health Collective brings her knowledge to this podcast about keeping your identity when you become a mum. Lucy is a hypnotherapist and works only with women to wake them up to their awesomeness, she knows exactly what happens when a mum forgets to look after herself or as she […]

Let’s talk about Sleep with Anthea Cutler

Anthea Cutler, Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist at Mindfly shares her tips on how to train the mind to get a better nights sleep. Anthea also shares some of her journey with regards to sleep and how you too can also have the ability to sleep as your super power!!!

Let’s talk about Sleep with Christine Martin

In this episode Christine Martin, Counsellor and EFT practitioner at Rippleffective, addresses the issue of parents trying to get their children to sleep. Night time seems to be a time when worries and fears come out to play. Christine explains why using logic, like ‘there is no such thing as monsters’, can often be futile. […]

Let’s talk about Sleep with Kate Christensen

Setting the tone for a restful nights sleep is all about intention. Gentle breath awareness to bring your attention into the body & slow passive yoga poses done in bed can be a fantastic way to calm & release after your day to prepare you for sleep. Kate Christensen, from ‘the yin within’ talks about […]

Let’s talk about Sleep with Sara Knight

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, steps out of co-host and into the role of guest on this episode about sleep. She talks about why and how sleep is the foundation of good physical and mental health. Sara also talks about how to know whether you are getting quality sleep – not all about how […]

Let’s talk about Sleep with Emma Summerhayes

Emma from Slow Skin co a low tox, low footprint salon joins us today to talk about our nightly skincare routine, do’s and don’t, the impact of using the right products for our skin and why choosing natural skincare products is important.

Lets talk about Being Stuck and how to get Unstuck with Christine Martin

Christine Martin, Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, joins us to talk about how EFT or tapping can help get you unstuck. She explains how being stuck is about troublesome emotions that inhibit any sort of logical thought and therefore leaving you feeling stuck in general. Tapping can help to release these emotions allowing […]

Lets talk about Being Stuck and how to get Unstuck with Dr Estee Lombard

Specialising in chiropractic care and dry needling, Dr Estee Lombard talks about getting help with chronic pain. She explains the difference between the placebo and  ….. effect on pain, plus provides some at home tips for pain. Get your tennis ball ready!

Let’s talk about Being Stuck and how to get Unstuck with Michelle Turnbull

One of the beautiful counsellors at the Collective aka The Castle, Michelle uses talk therapy to help people get unstuck in grief. Michelle gives some amazing advice about when to ask for help when grieving plus some common sense tips to help manage grief just a bit easier.

Let’s talk about Being Stuck and how to get Unstuck with Francine Jorda

A gestalt and family constellations therapist, the worldly Francine talks about how loyalty in the family dynamic can leave people stuck in emotions such as fear, anxiety and depression. She talks about the ability to change by creating awareness of family or group held beliefs that may no longer serve the current generation. A truly […]

Lets talk about Being Stuck and how to get unstuck with Jo Roberts-Thomson

Ever wondered how our bodies systems can get stuck and cause us ill health? Listen to our gentle spirited naturopath, Jo as she shares how certain body systems can get stuck, how that can impact our health and what we can do about it.

New Digs, New Podcast!

Welcome to our brand new podcast. It is now double the fun because I will be co-presenting with Sara Knight one of our awesome Naturopath’s here at the centre. In this episode we get you familiar with the vibes of Newcastle Health Collective & our practitioners. Join us for the experience. Lucy & Sara x

Reiki as a way of life!

In This weeks episode we chat to Lisa Kotz from Inside the Prism all about how she uses Reiki to support you best, and how Reiki has become a way of life for her. She has even used it on her car battery before to get it recharged!! Lisa will demonstrate how we can feel […]

What is Counselling, what is Hypnotherapy and does it work?

Meet Michelle Turnbull –  Counsellor and Anthea Cutler Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach. We sit together and discuss what a counselling or hypnotherapy session might look like and how these modalities might help you. If you have any health questions make sure you put them forward for us to answer. Each week we will have […]