Our Specialised Programs

Collaborative Care Program

Our collaborative care program has been designed to be a customised treatment for the individual. We recognise that no two people have the same way to their best health and to honour every individuals health journey we have created the Collaborative care program.
This is a team of practitioners working together to support you.
We have a range of different practitioners that can cover a wide scope of holistic care. Making sure that all the layers of your health are considered.
It involves a comprehensive intake form and a one hour initial consult to carefully map out your treatment plan and to consider all the many variable to your treatment, making sure that you are matched with not only the right modality but the best practitioner for you.
Once you agree to join the care program (this is not expected after your intial consult) you will be appointed a support person, that will be external to the practitioners that you will be seeing during the program and she will contact you on a weekly basis to support and get feedback on your time during the program.
It’s a flexible service that allows you to change treatment options and services as you proceed.

The cost of your initial consult where the care package is created for you is $150.

All care programs are different and varying prices, it just depends on the individuals needs and it can be planned around your budget. Payment plans are accepted.

Heart Centered Teen girl program

Newcastle Health Collective have many practitioners that work closely with teens to help build their self esteem and confidence.

In this beautiful program, 5 of our knowledgeable and experienced practitioners have put together a program that will nurture and support your teen girl to build a better relationship with herself, her friends, her behaviors, her body and food.

This is a 10 week program. done within the term.

We are currently talking to parents about supporting their teen girl for term 1 2020.

If your daughter is 13 – 15 years, and could do with self love strengthening, then use the button below to book in a chat with us to see if your daughter would be a good fit for the program.

Comfort and Care Full day retreat

Watch this space!

We are busy creating a full day retreat, whereby you get to ‘book in’ to Newcastle Health Collective for the day and be immersed in a chance to focus just on you.

Have some therapy, enjoy a body treatment and maybe end off with a yoga class.

We look forward to caring for you.