Becoming Free In The Bedroom

On this episode, Lucy sits down with Cindra from Conscious Couples to talk all things sex and pleasure, especially blocks to our sexuality.
We discuss how our sex education growing up didn’t serve us and how this has negatively impacted the way we experience sex. Many women seem to have disassociated from sex all together, which takes them out of their bodies. This denying of pleasure leads to unhappiness and resent, to themselves and their partners.
We talk about how to bring pleasure back into the body, how we start with self pleasure and addressing self beliefs – This is the key to unlocking the permission to enjoy sex.
Masculine and feminine energies play a huge role in all of this too, it’s when these energies are out of balance or negatively expressed that issues begin to arise. The notion of doing and receiving are covered here too, how we are just doing what innately we have done, leading to disappointing results.
We then get to the juicy stuff – Sex toys and yoni eggs! For more on these, head to this link .
Thanks so much for listening and we hope this has opened your eyes to new opportunities and growth in this area!
For more on Cindra and Conscious Couples, head to Instagram @consciouscouplescoaching and @cindranbanks – The links in the bios have all the info you need.

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