The importance of ‘dropping into your body’

In this podcast Christine Martin, EFT practitioner, and Francine Jordà, Family Systemic Constellation facilitator, chat about why “getting into your body” matters and how they incorporate “body awareness” in their everyday life.

We are so busy these days that we live most of our time in our head and disassociate from our body. When we ‘drop into our body’ and take notice of what happens in our body we get important feedback. Our body has its own wisdom, giving us signals and clues all the time about how to care for ourselves. Memories and emotions are stored in our body and can be released very effectively working with our body rather than our analytical mind.

Francine and Christine give you tips from their Family Constellation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practices as well as their own life experiences to help you drop into your body, lift your mood and live your life more connected and whole.

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