Inflammation with Suzie Garmeister

Suzie talks with Lucy about Inflammation!

“Is Inflammation the root cause of all health issues?? No. The CAUSE of the inflammation is! Acute inflammation is the body’s natural physiological process of defence. Chronic inflammation however is NOT healthy. Chronic inflammation can continue for weeks, months or even years unless the trigger is removed.  It can be subtle at first until the body knocks loud enough for us to finally take action! It can present in your weakest link area – your gut, your joints, your skin, your thyroid, your lungs, your brain, and the flow on effects are numerous. Inflammation can be caused by the wrong diet – for YOU, poor gut health, unbalanced lifestyle choices, high stress, unresolved emotions, toxins and / or infections. Finding the root cause is KEY for reducing inflammation and achieving optimal health. It is so worth it.”

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