Let’s talk about Identity with Jennylee Taylor

The natural way of being is to live life in your higher self and to be whole and complete. To be fully in contact with your essence, total self, spiritual or moral self – your soul. To live IN the world and not be controlled by it. To enjoy unconditional love, joy and bliss.

So why do many people feel like this is not true for them?

As we experience life we are invited to live in a less desirable state – giving away parts of ourselves, stealing or attacking parts of others, or losing a part of our self to protect us in the moment. We lose our identity.

When our soul is out of sorts we can have feelings of being lost, not sure who we are anymore, stuck or powerless. This can play out in life in many ways leading to constant regret, unhappiness, anxiety, overwhelm, dissatisfaction and resentment.

In this podcast you will be introduced to the ways in which your essence or soul can be affected in this way, what it means in day to day life and explore ways to regain and untangle your soul parts that are in crisis.

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