Let’s talk about Living with Purpose with Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle Bailey from Consciously Choosing Life, prefers to say Living ON purpose, as it is an opportunity to deeply connect with your Soul Purpose, and Higher Self reason for being here on Earth. There is less searching for the answers to find out “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is my Life Purpose?” Living With Purpose means having a reason, a goal, an intention to move through life, achieving landmarks with age. Gabrielle acknowledges that this is great and also the usual way we validate our lives. Living On Purpose comes from the soul’s desire to be of service, rather than the ego driven model. She believes that values and virtues are the tools we can use to live more in alignment, in flow, and on purpose. Gabrielle offers Journey processes and Crystal Dreamings which both help the client to uncover past life skills and find the soul purpose for this life.

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