Let’s talk about Sleep with Kate Christensen

Setting the tone for a restful nights sleep is all about intention. Gentle breath awareness to bring your attention into the body & slow passive yoga poses done in bed can be a fantastic way to calm & release after your day to prepare you for sleep.

Kate Christensen, from ‘the yin within’ talks about the benefits of these three yin postures that can be done in the comfort of our own bed.
They help to relax & release the tension in the body, balance the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest & recovery mode) & gently stimulates the bodies energy (meridian) lines to ensure balance or recovery after a busy or hectic day.

These poses also offer an opportunity to go inward & allow time with ourselves, calming our often busy mind, to enable us a restful nights sleep that rejuvenates us.

Join Kate for Yin Yoga classes at the Newcastle Health Collective Wednesday’s 9:30am (75mins) & 12pm (60mins) & Thursday’s 12pm (60mins).
Info:   theyinwithinyoga@gmail.com

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