Mindfully Moving our Body

“In today’s podcast we talked about the power of WomanSpeak, which is a dynamic feminine-centered leadership and public speaking training led by Claudia Scalisi, a WomanSpeak Leader and Circle Facilitator here in Newcastle.
Claudia shared with us how the power of mindfully moving our body has the capacity to not only increase our physical wellness, it also supports us to access the deep wisdom we have within.
During her WomanSpeak Circles, participants practice how to harness their power and learn how to create the internal safety they need so they can confidently speak up and share their ideas…where ever it is required.
Claudia explains that it’s a woman’s ability to remain deeply connected to herself while connecting with the hearts of others that enables her to speak her words with clarity so they land on those that need to hear it.
Listen till the end as there is a limited time offer to receive a free ticket to one of her upcoming introductory evenings called Unleash Your Voice this July!”

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