Showcasing our Practitioners – Bec Wellard

Bec loves working with the BIG stuff. The stuff you might find scary. But she will never push you towards it. The relationship between Bec and her clients is of huge importance to Bec. She likes to make sure that you feel comfortable.  That she gives you her undivided attention for the full hour. That you can feel safe quickly to get to the truth of what’s bothering you, while also allowing you the time and space to develop that sense of safety at your own pace. Bec takes the time to foster an environment and a focus that places you at the very forefront of each session. No therapist’s agenda. No desiring of a particular outcome for you. Just a warm and generous space to be seen and heard and accepted in all that you are.

If any of this resonates with you Bec can be contacted through her Facebook Page – Bec Wellard Therapy.

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