Showcasing Our Practitioners – Chel King

We all know the famous Nikola Tesla quote, that “if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. But what if you could SEE your own unique energy, frequency and vibration? To better understand yourself, your Source and the stage of evolution that your Being is in. Afterall, we are a reflection of the Universe, what better place to start our understanding than with ourselves.

Chel King is a Reiki practitioner, professional tattooist & intuitive artist and can help you see exactly that; your energy, along with your spirit guides and often, your higher self. After a Reiki session with Chel, you have the opportunity to have elements of your energy turned into an artwork.

Some clients keep them as a memento of a special time in their life, a transition or as a totem to help guide the way further along our life’s journey.
If this sounds like your kind of healing, you can reach Chel via email at, through her website:, Instagram: @_chelking_ or Facebook: Chel King – Reiki & Tattoo.

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