Who am I from The Souls Perspective!

In this podcast Melinda from Pranic Healing Hunter talks about “Who Am I?” from the Soul’s perspective. She chats with Lucy and shares that when we remember that we are the Soul, we have the power to be who we want to be, to change our thoughts and emotions. Every time we remember and connect to our essence, the soul of who we are, the divine spark within us, we remind ourselves we are eternal and infinite, that we are having a human physical experience and it is the soul that is leading this journey.  She shares how we can tap into this divine energy source and how it can help strengthen our life purpose, help us during difficult times and help us achieve our goals in life. She gives us ways in which we can empower ourselves to learn to listen to the whispers of our soul. Melinda provides a weekly meditation service at the Newcastle Health Collective on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm by donation to guide and support us in connecting to our divine self.

Melinda also talks about her international multi-author book launch Wild Woman Rising: Brave Woman Who Carved Their Own Path and how her chapter Finding Happiness shares her journey of finding and sustaining happiness after the loss of a relationship.


Melinda is available for Pranic Healings for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. She also runs a weekly meditation group at Newcastle Health Collective and can be contacted via Newcastle Health Collective or via her Website or Facebook Page or via Instagram.


To register for a copy of her book please click on the link below:



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