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You’re in the right spot to meet all the experienced and knowledgeable practitioners we have here at the centre. Our practitioners are dedicated to work with you to support you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please take your time to get know these caring practitioners.  Once you have decided then click on the ‘Book in’ button under your chosen practitioner, you will then be directed to that practitioners online booking link.
If you need help determining what practitioner is right for you then feel free to give our friendly staff a call, after we understand what is happening for you, we will be able to direct you with the right practitioner for your needs.
If you feel like you need more of a holistic look at your health, then you may want to consider the Collaborative Consults Care package that is our highest quality service we have here at the centre. This allows you to get an individualised care package that is right for you and your current needs in health. Head over to our collaborative health care page to learn more about this service and how it can help you.

Lucy Ellis
Owner of Newcastle Health Collective

Lucy Ellis a hypnotherapist and the Owner of this wonderful centre
Lucy works exclusively with women to wake them up to their awesomeness…

Lucy has a very successful program called Love Yourself Sick for women, that helps women connect with their authenticity and to nurture their confidence in living a life that aligns with who they are.
She is passionate about seeing a change for women, and getting people to live their best life.

Lucy creates change with women for a range of different reasons, these can include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Smoke Free
  • Addictions
  • Tension / Stress
  • Sleeping disturbance
  • Confidence
  • Self Worth
  • Goal setting and achieving.

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Jennylee Taylor
Breathwork Practitioner

Jennylee Taylor is a Conscious Living Coach and Breathwork Practitioner who specialises in helping you to rekindle that inner spark for life by connecting…

you to your breath and nature Jennylee is passionate about supporting you to rediscover what you love about life, how you can live life with flow and ease, and how to be a part of the world without the world controlling you.

In sessions with Jennylee, she supports you to work towards rediscovering your natural self, find your joy, reconnect and become whole again , give yourself permission to blossom and grow, and move forward in life.

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Liz Ross
Reiki Practitioner & NLP Master coach

Evolve and become involves holistic care of an individual. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, phycologically and physically. Liz Ross utilizes her life experience and intuitively guides you to a place of complete wholeness…

As a Reiki II Practitioner and Master Coach in neurolinguistic programming, Liz invites you to come as you are and to express yourself, feel heard and acknowledged for who you are.

As a Reiki healer, Liz creates a calming and grounding space for you. Reiki is a gentle relaxation technique.
Reiki reduces stress, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder, as well as aches and pains in the body.
Reiki improves sleeping patterns and mood.
Reiki balances and grounds.
Reiki is calming and relaxing and provides peace of mind.
Liz also utilizes crystals, aromatherapy oils, music, affirmation cards and verbal affirmations within a Reiki session, if a client would like this.
As a master NLP coach Liz focuses on building a clients confidence and reducing their stress so they feel more connected to themself and others. These sessions can be face to face or over the phone, dependent on the clients needs.
Liz has spent over 10 years in health care. Liz studied a Bachelor Degree in Nursing, and is also a Registered Nurse Year 4. Liz also completed 12 months as a student midwife in Midwifery deferring her Post Graduate Degree in Midwifery. Liz decided holistic women’s care was very important in every stage of life. Liz’s passion is to educate, coach and heal you holistically.
Liz is accepting off all people from all walks of life, and has always wanted to help others. Liz has a kind, caring and gentle, nurturing and welcoming energy.
Liz works every Tuesday at the Newcastle Health Collective.
In her spare time, Liz loves walking in nature, reading, going camping, being around animals and people. Liz loves going out for coffees and having quality time with her partner, family and friends.
If you would like to know more about me or my services please email or call me:
0434 622 489
If you would like to book an appointment with me please click on the link below

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Francine Jordà Pempelonne
Family Systemic Constellations facilitator and counsellor

Francine is a Counsellor, Family Constellations facilitator and trainer, and ACA member.
Her sessions allow for identification….

of the hidden dynamics within our family of origin that may affect our capacity to thrive.

Often unfinished business in past generations such as abortion, addiction, migration, adoption or bankruptcy are at the heart of patterns of anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, chronic illness, unfulfilled relationships or work and money issues. Through a deep holistic process, constellations help us to release the burden of unhealthy loyalties and initiate a self-healing process. So love can flow again.

Francine offers one on one sessions, constellations workshops and training in English, Spanish or French.

Francine can support you if:

– you feel stuck, lost

– something is holding you back

– there is a pattern in your life, in your family…

– you have done many years of therapy and still…

– you are sabotaging your life

– you are worried about your child

– you have a chronic illness, addiction

– you have unfulfilled relationships

– you have work and money issues

– you feel disconnected from your family, country, culture…

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Jo Roberts-Thomson

Jo is a Naturopath, Herbalist and Iridologist with over 20 years experience in the Natural Health industry and a passion for nurturing clients on their journey to better health….

She studied an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy at Nature Care College in Sydney and since then has worked as a Naturopath in both retail and clinical settings. She has also taught Herbal Medicine and Clinical Studies to Advanced Diploma students at WEA Hunter in Newcastle.
Jo uses a variety of modalities including Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Bach Flowers, Nutrition, Homeopathy and food intolerance testing to assist her clients.
Prior to studying Naturopathy Jo studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons) at the University of Sydney including three years of Psychology and has an interest in emotional as well as physical wellbeing.
Jo is also the mother of three busy teens/young adults, and outside of work enjoys walking, nature, yoga, reading and spending time with her family and dogs.
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Xavier King
Hypnotherapist / Reiki practitioner / Transformation Coach

Xavier King from Team Universe is a Reiki practitioner, hypnotist and transformation coach, who centres his work around authenticity, transparency and empowerment. Xavier has over twelve years

experience in metal health and domestic violence (both clinically and personally), which allows him to understand what it’s like to build from rock bottom.

Xavier works with Spirit, guides (yours and his) and Universal powers in order to create a session specific to your needs. Xavier helps his clients to work through the emotions that can hold us back from our ideal life (fear, guilt, vulnerability etc).

Xavier has teamed up with Chel King, where together as Team Universe they offer Duo Reiki sessions to give you twice the healing and two different experiences of your energy.


Xavier is available at the Newcastle Health Collective on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.





One on one coaching

Reiki (distance & in person sessions available)


Timeline therapy

Duo Reiki (Team Universe)

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Chel King
Reiki Practitioner / Intuitive artist

Chel from Team Universe is a Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Artist, offering Reiki energy healing, distance healing and one on one meditation as well as artwork

created with and through Spirit/Source.

Chel works with your Guides and hers to tailor an energy healing session to your individual needs. Her gift is the ability to see and feel visual messages from Spirit, from which she can translate your healing needs.

Chel has teamed up with Holly Cogan, where together as Team Universe they offer Duo Reiki sessions to give you twice the healing and two different experiences of your energy.


Chel is available at the Newcastle Health Collective on Mondays



Reiki (distance & in person sessions available)

Chakra clearing & balancing

One on one Meditation sessions

Energy Artwork

Duo Reiki (Team Universe)

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Robyn Cruikshank
Meditation Teacher

Robyn has practiced meditation and a holistic lifestyle for many years. She is currently studying her
Certificate of Advanced Meditation through the Australian Centre for

Holistic Studies.
Robyn shares her love and passion for meditation with her students and teaches learn to meditate
classes. The theme will centre around discovering your true self, finding calm in difficult times,
relaxation, and body scan meditation.
Robyn loves to inspire and teach people how to access & be the best version of themselves. Also, to
gain confidence and self-love to achieve their dreams.
The beginner sessions will be held every Monday evening from 6.30pm and will be $10.00 per
If you would like to book a Free “Meet Robyn” phone call, email me at or call on 0407 486 756
The classes will be limited to 9 people due to Covid, to book please click the link below or email
Robyn at

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Geoff Rupp
Vedic Meditation Teacher

Geoff is a teacher of Vedic Meditation and comes to Newcastle on the last week of every month to run free info sessions on Vedic meditation and it’s benefits…

and also runs his 4-day (4 x 90 min) sessions, for those that sign up to learn.  After you have learnt, there are free monthly group meditations and knowledge sessions.  Geoff also offer private mentoring sessions and is available via email and phone when not in Newcastle, so please reach out if you have any questions

Meditation is a way of accessing the minds fullest potential. When you meditate, you are creating the perfect conditions for your mind to expand, and your body to rest. When the body is resting deeply, you can begin the process of dissolving stresses in your nervous system that create imbalance and dis-ease. Anything from fatigue, fogginess, anxiety, nervousness, physical pain or mental conditions significantly improve after only a short while of practicing Vedic meditation.

You will feel more aware, calm and confident. You’ll gain greater adaptability in life and feel capable of meeting any challenge or demand. Through a daily practice, you will awaken to your natural state of infinite creativity, flexibility, compassion and generosity.

I look forward to meeting you to begin the transformation.

To make a booking or inquiry please contact Geoff Rupp on

Phone: 0415 557 663


Or book through the button below

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Christine Martin
Counsellor & EFT Practitioner

Christine, founder of Rippleffective Counselling is passionate about helping you to get ‘unstuck’, to
feel empowered and to get you…

off the hamster wheel when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.
Christine works with children and adults alike, healing the hurt inner child, peeling back layers of
pain, to rediscover the inner gem so they can shine.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a quick, effective and gentle practice, suitable for people
beginning their journey of self-exploration, through to seasoned transformation seekers.
Christine combines the practical and somatic element of tapping to lower stress hormones and
encourage calm and clarity, which helps you to accept, process and release your concerns.
With over 30 years’ experience, Christine is a qualified Advanced EFT Practitioner and Counsellor
(Dip Counselling), member of ACA, PCA and AAMET and has studied Brain Gym, Touch For Health
and Reiki.

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Leanne Halsey
Pilates Instructor

Leanne Halsey from Connected Pilates is our resident mat Pilates instructor.

Leanne completed her training through Studio Pilates International. She is trained in:

Mat Pilates
Pilates small balls and sliders
Pilates for back pain
Pilates for pregnancy

Through her own experiences, Leanne has a special place in her heart for people new to exercise or beginners to Pilates.

Leanne holds small group sessions at Newcastle Health Collective and online.

Contact Leanne for more information at:



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Kassie Pitkin
Relationship therapist

Kas Pitkin is a Relationship therapist. Kas Pitkin is passionate about deepening self-awareness and strengthening relationships in order to feel satisfied in life and in .

relationship as well as heal in connection.
Kas works primarily with couples and adults to hold space and support in showing what is really happening in the therapy room be it addressing what’s stuck and scary, talking about what’s unresolved, expressing feelings, needs and desires – with the values of acceptance and connection. Kas highly values the therapeutic relationship and a here and now focus to connect with what is reality and to create safety within relationship to create conditions for a deeper, heartfelt connection and way of relating. Kas believes that in order to heal from past hurt and disrupt unwanted coping mechanisms and negative belief systems and cycles in our relationships, we need to first feel connection and acceptance within our vulnerability with others.
In other words, we need others to see us fully in order to heal and to experience authentic, richer relationships. And, before we learn what to do, we must understand what is.
Interpersonal neurobiology tells us that brain growth occurs through experiences and relationship with others. There is no self without the other and so our identity is shaped throughout our relationships with others. When we have experienced a secure attachment within our childhood, we are more likely to feel secure with our own emotions as well as our relationships with others, and to seek what we need and be who we essentially are. When we have experienced insecurity, be it abuse, neglect or trauma, we develop coping skills to survive which serves in keeping us safe. These coping mechanisms protect us at the time but often become barriers as we grow in managing our own emotions safely as well as connecting with others. As a result we may engage creative adjustments such as shutting off, distrusting ourselves and others, self-judgment, addictive behaviour/s, people pleasing and developing unhealthy relationship patterns; all of which prevent us from believing in our own worth and experiencing richer relationships with others, leading to dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, addiction and more. We may also consciously or unconsciously repeat our unmet attachment needs onto others and repeat our trauma, impacting our capacity to emotionally connect at a desired level.
Kas Pitkin focuses on creating a secure relationship with couples and individuals based upon deep respect, trust, empathy, and compassion to support clients in exploring and safely making sense of their experience in order to safely express needs and desires to stay authentic, securely connected and accepted in relationship.
Kas draws on her own lived experience with Gestalt therapy to align with her values of acceptance and connection. Kas delights in the courage taken to stay real with others and welcomes realness in therapy with the belief that satisfaction and peace comes when we learn that we are enough, together.

If you want to:
Understand and accept yourself and relationships clearly and with compassion
Replace negative communication cycles with respectful, supportive communication
Improve your relationship through connecting on a deeper level by learning to safely express your feelings, needs and desires and reflecting this back in relationship
Process unresolved hurts/trauma and find steadiness and compassion individually and in relationship
Learn practical steps in effective communication and managing conflict in relationship
See Kas Pitkin today.
Kas Pitkin holds degree in Bachelor of Social Work, Advanced Clinical Contemporary Relational Gestalt Therapy, Diploma in Resource Therapy, Diploma in Family Constellations, and has completed courses in mental health, couples counselling, addiction, eating disorders, grief and loss, Bouverie family therapy and a range of therapeutic modalities including EFT, motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy, play therapy,. Kas has worked organisationally in relationship counselling, early intervention mental health, domestic violence, and trauma sectors and now privately as a Relationship Therapy.
For enquiries or bookings,

0409 919 099

Via Email at

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Alexandra Quirk

Alexandra is an accredited medical herbalist based in Newcastle offering insight on many physical conditions and their manifestations such ..

as anxiety, stress, fatigue, allergies, hormone imbalances and beyond. To approach these ailments accordingly and helping the patient understand their journey of healing towards optimum health and happiness

She specialises in:
– Iridology
– Nutritional & Diet advice
– Western Herbal Medicine

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Bec Wellard
Relational Gestalt Therapist and Holistic Counsellor

Bec Wellard is a qualified Relational Gestalt Therapist and Holistic Counsellor who provides down to earth, authentic and empathic counselling and therapy for people…

Navigating grief, loss and end of life decisions, living with self-esteem concerns and experiencing difficulties finding their own voice in decision making and future direction in life.

Bec Wellard holds gentle, intuitive and compassionate space for life’s big issues and believes that through a strong and accepting therapeutic relationship both client and therapist are changed. Bec works with people across a diverse range of society including the LGBTQI community, those living with a disability, and actors wishing to explore their emotional range. Both short term, solution focused counselling and longer term, in-depth therapy are offered with each session lasting one hour.

Bec holds a Bachelor of Social Science, a Diploma in Holistic Counselling, Advanced Clinical Contemporary Relational Gestalt Therapy and a variety of other therapeutic modalities such as Family Constellations, Resource Therapy and Midwifing the Dying Death Doula courses that she draws upon to assist you to feel validated just as you are. Bec has also worked in adult education at the University of Newcastle in the Joint Medical Program, in mental health and disability fields and is a member of PACFA.

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For enquiries and bookings – Mob: 0425 293 558   or   Email:

Pranic Healing

Melinda and Stuart are Pranic Healing Practitioners and Arhatic Yogis and both have many years experience in meditation techniques and energy healing.

Stuart began his meditation studies as a teenager and has completed courses in Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Pranic Healing, Raynor Massage and Raindrop Therapy to name a few. He has been studying and working with crystals and creates ceremonial staffs and wands for healers.Melinda has always been passionate about spirituality and loved learning about the religions of the world throughout her school years and during her extensive travels in Asia, Europe, Egypt and South & Central America. Melinda learnt Pranic Healing and met her husband Stuart during a Russian Cell Regeneration course. Since then, both Melinda and Stuart have completed extensive personal development courses to balance spirituality with practicality and to align their goals and purpose in life.Currently Melinda is furthering her studies in Plant Spirit Medicine. She is also an Angel Intuitive and will utilise relaxing music, chanting and affirmations in her treatments.Both Melinda and Stuart share a love of nature, spirituality and helping others. They have found that Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, provides a thorough scientific platform and a modern system for energy work for the purposes of healing and spiritual development which has significantly improved their quality of life.They have recently moved from Melbourne and formed Pranic Healing Hunter. They offer Meditations every Wednesday evening at the Newcastle Health Collective. They hold regular group full day healing ceremonies. They can also be booked for physical, emotional and psychological healing treatments including but not limited to treating:physical pain & arthritisdigestive & allergy problemsrespiratory & heart diseasestress & anxietydepression, chronic fatigue & addictionsconfusion & lack of concentrationpast trauma & phobiasImmune boosting treatmentsPranic Healing has been established and validated for over 30 years and complements modern medicine as it increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The modality is non touch and is performed with social distancing. It primarily works at cleansing the aura and treating the 11 major and the minor chakra energy system with specific colours and crystals. All treatment protocols have been validated and results vary depending on the seriousness of a problem as some conditions may require several treatments.We also have protocols for relationship and business healings and provide Pranic Feng Shui services for the home or office. Prices start at $150.Furthermore we can perform Pranic Facelifts which naturally reduces wrinkles and negative feelings from your expression giving you a radiant youthful appearance. We recommend 5-8 weekly sessions pending on the depth of wrinkles and age of a person and you will begin noticing a difference after the second treatment. This is the only treatment that requires close proximity in treating a client.Initial Pranic Healing session $150 for 80 minutesPranic Healing sessions with breathing exercises or physical massage and either a spiritual ceremony or angel reading or meditation $220 for 2 hoursOngoing treatments $120 for 60 minutesFor bookings:
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pranicpractitioner@gmail.com0422 929 362

Natasha Brownslow - Hypnotherapist and Art Therapist

Natasha Brown of Eunoia Grace is here to support you on your healing journey through the use of hypnotherapy and art therapy. She has a varied background of

study, specifically: a combined Bachelor degree in Forensic Science and Law; a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (please note: she is not a registered psychologist); a Diploma in Clinical Resource Therapy; and, a Diploma in Art Therapy. In plain terms, she has an interest in science, emotions, and the mind. She has spent much of her adult life learning about all of these things, and will continue to do so, as it fascinates her.

Her goal as a therapist is to coach you towards your own expanding self awareness, through which you realise your power to be your genuine, healthy self.

Her focus is your personal growth towards:

• healthy boundaries

• effective communication

• confidence

• self-worth

• personal power

Her commitment to you is to be compassionate and respectful while sharing in your healing journey. She aims that, together, you will find positive solutions for achieving your desired results.

Appointments are available 8am to 5pm weekdays. Every person has different needs, so will require their own unique number of sessions. However, she recommends you book 3 sessions to start, to ensure you get the times that suit you best. Each session is $120 and takes approximately 60 minutes.


Use hypnotherapy to skip the critical censor of the conscious mind, invite your subconscious mind to create a life of positive intention, and then surrender to it.

“Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment” —Dr. Milton H. Erickson

 Art Therapy

Use art therapy to gain personal insight to your inner world, revealing messages and beliefs from the subconscious mind, and then explore this to empower yourself.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” —Pablo Picasso




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