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Self Reclamation with Claudia

Self-reclamation, owning your story and using your voice to share you message with the world are the juicy topics discussed in this podcast.In this interview, Lucy is talking with Feminine Embodiment Coach, Claudia Scalisi about how she navigated some of life’s tricky transitions to infuse the story of her life with sensuality and reclaim her power.

Through her WomanSpeak Circles and coaching programs, Claudia supports other women to move from feeling lackluster and stuck in their lives to living with authentic integrity,embodying their highest vision for themselves and enjoying healthy relationships that deeply honours them.

What is Counselling, what is Hypnotherapy and does it work?

Meet Michelle Turnbull –  Counsellor and Anthea Cutler Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach.

We sit together and discuss what a counselling or hypnotherapy session might look like and how these modalities might help you.

If you have any health questions make sure you put them forward for us to answer. Each week we will have a new panel of practitioners to answer your questions.

Alex Knysh – Natural Progressions Coaching

In this interview Lucy Ellis talks to Alex about how she helps clients overcome their issues and live their best life, through NLP, hypnotherapy matrix therapy and coaching. With all these tools under her belt Alex has got you covered.