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Ripple Effect of Doing the Inner Work!

In this podcast Lucy is chatting to counsellor and EFT Practitioner Christine Martin about the ripple effect of doing the inner work. They discuss how we want to change people or the world around us in the hope of leading us to happiness. Yet Clients often notice unexpected external changes after experiencing shifts in their inner world.

Helping Children with a Major Life Change with Christine Martin







The discussion Lucy is having with Christine Martin in this Podcast is around children and life changes. They admit how tempting it is as a parent to intervene, when they see their children struggle experiencing change, such as losing a friend or parents separating. With all good intentions we just want to make things ‘better’ for our children. But in the long run it can give them the impression that they are not capable to cope with change. Listen to the podcast to hear tips on how to foster resilience instead.


Margot Broug (Body Oriented Psychotherapy)

In this interview, I speak to long time friend and colleague Margot Broug. We listen to Margot’s wisdom about returning back home to our body and what we can discover about ourselves by doing this. A fascinating woman with a dynamic approach to helping others heal.


She is also an avid artist, and has recently held an exhibition here at Newcastle Health Collective


You can get to know Margot more by visiting her website here

Here is her facbeook page too