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Elizabeth Ross talks about Inflammation.

Liz Ross speaks to Lucy about the physical, emotional and mental responses to inflammation. Inflammation on a physical level causes redness, swelling, heat and pain. This is an inflammatory response. On a mental level when cortisol (the stress hormone) is released in large amounts in the human body, it can cause fatigue, stress, social isolation, anxiety and depression which is inflammation. 

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Looking at depression through the breathwork lense with Jennylee Taylor

This podcast looks at depression through the lens of Breathwork and explores the feelings that you have when you are in a depressed state. Feelings like emptiness, being disconnected and numb can be the consequence of suppressing emotions from past experiences. Breathwork uses the power of your own breath to bypass what you think you know to tap into your body and breath intelligence and locate the source of the held emotion that you may not even know is there.

Lucy and Jennylee go on to talk about three levels of being and what you may be thinking, physically feeling, and what emotions you would be experiencing when you are operating at each of the levels.

They also look at practical ways to help people in the moment when they are feeling anxious or depressed.

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about holistic root causes of depression.

Chatting with Suzie (Nutritionist) about causes of depression from a physical perspective.

In this podcast, our resident Nutrition Consultant, Suzie Garmeister and I talk about some of the holistic root causes of depression. Coming from personal experience and through working with her clients, Suzie emphasises just how paramount gut health is when it comes to balancing mood. Suzie explains how incorrect nutrition leads to inflammation, leaky gut, toxin release and nutrient deficiencies, all of which can contribute to depression and anxiety.

Chatting with Jo (Naturopath) about causes of Depression from a physical perspective

In this podcast, Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson and I discuss depression and some of the physical causes that could be underlying it. Jo suggests some herbs and nutrients that can assist with good mental health, and we also discuss Jo’s holistic approach to looking at depression in her clients.