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Stepping outside our Comfort Zone

Robyn chats with Lucy about how stepping outside our comfort zone can initially cause stress. Our brains are wired to do the same. To change can cause your brain to use much more energy than required in your every day life. Changing course is difficult for your brain. Practicing mindfulness can help your mind be less afraid of the unknown.
You’ll learn what you are really made of. If you’re always calm and working within your same old habits, how will you ever learn what you truly can handle?

Showcasing Our Practitioners – Chel King

We all know the famous Nikola Tesla quote, that “if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. But what if you could SEE your own unique energy, frequency and vibration? To better understand yourself, your Source and the stage of evolution that your Being is in. Afterall, we are a reflection of the Universe, what better place to start our understanding than with ourselves.

Chel King is a Reiki practitioner, professional tattooist & intuitive artist and can help you see exactly that; your energy, along with your spirit guides and often, your higher self. After a Reiki session with Chel, you have the opportunity to have elements of your energy turned into an artwork.

Some clients keep them as a memento of a special time in their life, a transition or as a totem to help guide the way further along our life’s journey.
If this sounds like your kind of healing, you can reach Chel via email at chel@chel.com.au, through her website: www.chel.com.au, Instagram: @_chelking_ or Facebook: Chel King – Reiki & Tattoo.

Featured Practitioner – Jules Mcleod

Jules is our resident Reiki and Chakra balancing Goddess.

Come and have a cup of tea with Jules and Lucy as we listen to Jules explain to us what awakening our spiritual self actually is, and in particular what waking up to our Kundalini energy is all about.


Reiki as a way of life!

In This weeks episode we chat to Lisa Kotz from Inside the Prism all about how she uses Reiki to support you best, and how Reiki has become a way of life for her.

She has even used it on her car battery before to get it recharged!!

Lisa will demonstrate how we can feel our own ‘spark’ and start to be open to the energy (the life force) within us.

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with Lisa today, just being in her space is healing.