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Connect with your True Essence

An inspiring and deep heart to heart with Lucy the owner of the collective and in house hypnotherapist about the topic of ‘Who am I’ bring an open mind and get ready to connect with your true essence. In this podcast you will feel a movement to drop the labels, achievements and roles you play in your life and really look at Who you are!

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Interested in this topic? Want to dive a little deeper? Come along to our event on Tuesday the 19th January 2021 at 6pm at Newcastle Health Collective, we have five (5) of our amazing practitioners ready to explore this topic with you. The tickets are only $10 All information can be found on our Facebook event.

Featured Practitioner – Tash Brownslow

Join Lucy as she gets to know a bit more about featured practitioner Tash and listen to them share their insights into moving beyond weight loss mindset, to finding the freedom to live a well-balanced healthy and happy life.

Prevention for Physical Sickness with Holly Cogan

Can heavy emotions make you sick?

It’s proven that short term bouts of emotional and mental problems can give us physical sickness and if untreated can lead to more serious diseases within the body. Hypnotherapist, Holly Cogan from @thisismyheartdivedeep talks to us about how to prevent physical sickness by doing the emotional and mental work on ourselves when we are not in crisis. Let’s not wait for crisis to occur before we start taking control of our life. Using hypnotherapy you can in fact create the life of your dreams, take responsibility, become more self aware and manifest anything you desire. Prevention is FUN and creative. Listen in to see how you can prevent disease within your body and mind.

Showcasing our Practitioners – Holly Cogan

Lucy chats with Featured Practitioner Holly Cogan about BOUNDARIES. Debunking the rigidity of what the word Boundaries might suggest and how healthy boundaries are as fluid as what we feel on any given day..

If any of this resonates with you, please contact Holly via her Facebook Page

Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapist talks about Anxiety

Lucy Ellis leading hypnotherapist for the human brain, chats about making a deep strong friendship with our anxiety, she believes that our anxiety carries a wisdom about looking at something within yourself that you need to empower. It’s about strengthening your self confidence in this area, and using this feeling of anxiety to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

If you would like Lucy to help you process your anxiety and get to know yourself deeper, and improving your confidence you can use this link to book a session with her:

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Finding Yourself Again after The Children Leave Home with Lucy Ellis









Lucy @lucyellishypnotherapy talks on the topic of Finding Yourself after The Children leave home.

Being an empty nester we have so much more time and space to have all of our unprocessed emotions show up.   This can be overwhelming and feel intense, but a wonderful time to explore the NEW YOU!

Lucy will discuss some practical tips for you.  Use your empty next to spread your wings and feel amazing.