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Lucy chats with More than A Mumma – Anastasia Dunstan

Anastasia has built her business for Mummas that are in need of support and community to thrive as mummas. That means staying real and having no judgement.

This lady has a heart of gold, and ambition to match it. Listen in to see how you can connect with her community of Mummas that are learning and growing together as a community.

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Robyn Kelly talks about Men’s mental health

Lucy Ellis has an honest chat with Robyn Kelly about the state of Mens Mental health in our society and how her passion is to help Men open up and talk about their emotions. It is clear in this interview Robyn’s passion for her work. A very heartfelt genuine chat with a dear friend Robyn x

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Alex Knysh – Natural Progressions Coaching

In this interview Lucy Ellis talks to Alex about how she helps clients overcome their issues and live their best life, through NLP, hypnotherapy matrix therapy and coaching. With all these tools under her belt Alex has got you covered.





Catherine Crossley – Naturopath and Massage Therapist

Lucy Ellis Interviews Catherine Crossley

Catherine is the owner of Indigo health and wellness store in Whitebridge.

Catherine loves to educate her clients about their health and practices by the statement on her business card

‘Empowering through education, energy and earth’

Catherine helps a lot of people with adrenal fatigue. Getting people to slow down, and alleviate some stressors. Helping the immune system to function at it’s best.

She also offers Massage therapy and reiki.

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Or you can phone her to know more: (02) 4942 4030 / 0414870369