Featured Practitioner – Melinda Kalac!

Melinda is a new face on the block and Lucy and her share many long and insightful conversations with lots of belly laughs too. In this podcast you can feel Melinda’s passion for her work and you will learn what Pranic Healing is. Melinda holds a Twin Hearts Meditation every Wednesday night here at 6:30pm.

Saying NO for Your Health with Robyn Cruickshank

Why is it so hard for us to say No?

In this Podcast Robyn talks about her owned lived experiences with saying NO for her health and how her body had to say NO for her at times. When we say no its common for us to feel guilty especially if we identify as being people pleasers. Have a listen to hear how meditation helps us to SAY NO for our health and YES to self care and self love.


There are many different practices of meditation, at the centre we are lucky enough to have four different practitioners within this field. In this podcast Lucy chats to two, Geoff and Melinda. Both offer different styles. It is hard to not feel inspired to meditate after listening to the many benefits of meditation in this podcast.

Chel King – Strategies to Release Anxiety

Chel King shares how meditation, art and energy work became important for her journey with anxiety, and how you can implement similar avenues for working with your own challenges.

Chel is reiki practitioner, artist and tattoo artist and works at Newcastle Health Collective on Mondays. Touching on shifting our perspective, substance abuse, abusive relationships and meditating as child, Chel shares her personal and professional relationship with anxiety and how you can work with yours.

Chels Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chelreikitattoo/

A Meditation with Nicole Shields

Listen to Nicole Shields from Life Flow Yoga run you through a lovely meditation to start the Year. If you wish to connect with Nicole you can find her website here.

Her Facebook page is here.