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Prevention for Mental Health with Melinda Kalac

It’s suicide prevention month and what that means for us health practitioners here at the centre is to focus on prevention of mental illness.
In this podcast Lucy discusses with Melinda about how to prevent mental ill health through cleansing our energy with meditation and specifically pranic healing. With these specific healing modalities you receive ‘Prana’ which is life force energy.


It’s no shock that our diet is one of the biggest indicators of our physical and mental health, but so many of us are still just eating for our taste buds. Lucy chats with Suzie about her passion as a Nutritionist and why you might be interested to get her to help you.

What is Counselling, what is Hypnotherapy and does it work?

Meet Michelle Turnbull –  Counsellor and Anthea Cutler Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach.

We sit together and discuss what a counselling or hypnotherapy session might look like and how these modalities might help you.

If you have any health questions make sure you put them forward for us to answer. Each week we will have a new panel of practitioners to answer your questions.