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Reclaiming our Health in the New Earth

In this podcast Lucy talks with Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson from The Nurture Path about tuning in to our body’s own wisdom. As we move forward into a new way of being, we are learning to look within and trust ourselves more rather than give our power away, and that goes for our health as well. Our bodies have their own wisdom, and are speaking to us all the time through symptoms and feelings. If we tune in to what our unique body is telling us then we can give our body what it needs, and also have more trust in our body’s ability to heal.


Not all naturopaths are the same. In fact most naturopaths have a specialised field of study that really defines who and what types of symptoms they might treat. Jo, our resident naturopath has a keen interest in also exploring the emotional contributors to a physical symptom as well as supporting the physical system. Her treatment is considered and thought provoking as she guides you to listen to your body and take your health into your own hands. 
Listen in to this podcast to get a feel for how Jo works. 

Sara Knight talks About Anxiety

Sara Knight, Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, joins Lucy to talk about one Sara’s favourite ways to help someone with anxiety. They talk about the amazing mineral magnesium, what forms to get and its amazing calming affects on both the mind and the body. Some simple yet powerful tips to calm an anxious mind and aid the poor sleeper.

For more Information please see Sara’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thegutclinic/

Sara Knight – Breathing Why it’s Important.

Sara Knight Naturopath at The Gut Clinic, talks with Lucy about how she uses breath in her clinic as a diagnostic tool for anxiety and stress. Furthermore, they discuss how breath can be used as a tool to create awareness about stress and anxiety levels, especially in those that have become accustomed to operating under such high and chronic levels.

To book in with Sara please click the link: https://www.facebook.com/thegutclinic/

Lets talk about Being Stuck and how to get unstuck with Jo Roberts-Thomson

Ever wondered how our bodies systems can get stuck and cause us ill health?

Listen to our gentle spirited naturopath, Jo as she shares how certain body systems can get stuck, how that can impact our health and what we can do about it.

Catherine Crossley – Naturopath and Massage Therapist

Lucy Ellis Interviews Catherine Crossley

Catherine is the owner of Indigo health and wellness store in Whitebridge.

Catherine loves to educate her clients about their health and practices by the statement on her business card

‘Empowering through education, energy and earth’

Catherine helps a lot of people with adrenal fatigue. Getting people to slow down, and alleviate some stressors. Helping the immune system to function at it’s best.

She also offers Massage therapy and reiki.

Follow her on facebook here

Or you can phone her to know more: (02) 4942 4030 / 0414870369