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Ripple Effect of Doing the Inner Work!

In this podcast Lucy is chatting to counsellor and EFT Practitioner Christine Martin about the ripple effect of doing the inner work. They discuss how we want to change people or the world around us in the hope of leading us to happiness. Yet Clients often notice unexpected external changes after experiencing shifts in their inner world.

Mindfully Moving our Body

“In today’s podcast we talked about the power of WomanSpeak, which is a dynamic feminine-centered leadership and public speaking training led by Claudia Scalisi, a WomanSpeak Leader and Circle Facilitator here in Newcastle.
Claudia shared with us how the power of mindfully moving our body has the capacity to not only increase our physical wellness, it also supports us to access the deep wisdom we have within.
During her WomanSpeak Circles, participants practice how to harness their power and learn how to create the internal safety they need so they can confidently speak up and share their ideas…where ever it is required.
Claudia explains that it’s a woman’s ability to remain deeply connected to herself while connecting with the hearts of others that enables her to speak her words with clarity so they land on those that need to hear it.
Listen till the end as there is a limited time offer to receive a free ticket to one of her upcoming introductory evenings called Unleash Your Voice this July!”

Advantages of Moving Your Body

In our latest podcast Lucy chats with Leanne from Connected Pilates about the advantages of moving your body, and how you can include activity in your day. Lucy and Leanne discuss how they feel after exercise and how it affects and benefits their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Supporting men’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing with Bec Wellard!

Trigger Warning: Discussion about Suicide.

June 14th to 20th was International Men’s Health Week so Bec Wellard spoke with Lucy about her interest in supporting men’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing. When she started her therapy business, Bec realised that all of the people who booked in for sessions were women, and it got her thinking. Given that men in Australia are 3 times more likely to suicide, what is it that stops them from seeking support before they get to that stage? And how can this be changed?

Together, Bec and Lucy delve into the different types of support men and women seek out, the different ways they engage with emotions and intimacy, and explore the impact of the patriarchy on the lived experience of men.

If anything in this post or the podcast has impacted you please call the following numbers for support:

Suicide Call Back Service – 1300 659 467

Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Lifeline – 13 11 14

1800 RESPECT (Domestic Family Violence Support) – 1800 737 732

Living True to Your Values with Chelsea

Chelsea talks with Lucy about living true to your values. In this episode, they chat about what it feels like to be out of alignment with your true values and how you can recognise this and start to take action from a place that serves you.

You can find Chelsea on her website – chelsealeaco.com
On Instagram – @chelsealea.co
On her Facebook page – Chelsea Lea Co

Living True to Your Values – One of Life’s Motto!

Living true to your values is one of Christine’s motto in life. She is founder of Rippleffective counselling, EFT Practitioner, Student welfare worker, mother, grandmother and bestselling author. In this podcast Christine and Lucy talk about the challenges of discerning what our own values are rather than the values we honour to stay loyal to our families.
“When we are living true to our values, life flows with ease”.
Be sure to sign up to this Summit where Christine and other powerhouse authors will be presenting and offering you many opportunities to grow and thrive. You can use the link below:

Our Practitioner of The Month for May – Leanne Halsey!

In our latest podcast Lucy chats with our Practitioner of the Month for May, Leanne from Connected Pilates, about all things Pilates. We learn more about her classes and her experiences. We also get to dive a little deeper and learn a little more about Leanne herself.


Alexandra Quirk our resident herbalist chats with Lucy about comprehending our innate potential to harbour skills of alchemy. Alex also shares how about abundance in the physical realm by understanding the vibrational aspects that are inherently what makes us who we are: an expression of the universe as a whole.

Successful Manifestation!

Lucy and Tash chat about the key steps to successful manifestation, and how our mindset plays an important role in living a life full of conscious manifestation.

You are manifester of your life – so how does it work?

Why do bad things happen? How can you influence better? We all want to know the answers to these questions with the internet saturated with information! In this podcast Lucy and Amanda delve deep into world of practical manifestation tools and touch on the complex world of Tantra so that you too can be empowered and fulfilled in ALL areas of your life. Tune in now with a cuppa at the ready as Lucy Ellis and Amanda Fisher (Tantra Student) share their humorous wisdom on all thing’s manifestation.