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Prevention for Physical Sickness with Holly Cogan

Can heavy emotions make you sick?

It’s proven that short term bouts of emotional and mental problems can give us physical sickness and if untreated can lead to more serious diseases within the body. Hypnotherapist, Holly Cogan from @thisismyheartdivedeep talks to us about how to prevent physical sickness by doing the emotional and mental work on ourselves when we are not in crisis. Let’s not wait for crisis to occur before we start taking control of our life. Using hypnotherapy you can in fact create the life of your dreams, take responsibility, become more self aware and manifest anything you desire. Prevention is FUN and creative. Listen in to see how you can prevent disease within your body and mind.

Prevention for Physical Injury with Leanne Halsey

Injury prevention is a crucial factor we need to explore when starting out exercising. Our Pilates Instructor Leanne gives us some great tips to make sure that you exercise safely and get results with no injury.

Featured Practitioner – Melinda Kalac!

Melinda is a new face on the block and Lucy and her share many long and insightful conversations with lots of belly laughs too. In this podcast you can feel Melinda’s passion for her work and you will learn what Pranic Healing is. Melinda holds a Twin Hearts Meditation every Wednesday night here at 6:30pm.

Saying NO for your Health with Alexandra Quirk

Saying NO to people is hard, but saying NO to our old copping behaviours and substances can be even harder. In this podcast Alexandra speaks about how saying No to these behaviours / people is giving your body space to rest and digest. Something that we are missing in our current world. In fact Alexandra shares with us how our mind becomes addicted to stress, taking on more than we can handle and then turning to alcohol and caffeine (insert any other stress activating substance) to keep our body in that stress response. Perhaps you might start considering swapping out your second cup of coffee with a herbal tea instead?

Saying NO for Your Health with Jennylee Taylor

Saying NO to others is saying YES to yourself. Lucy talks with Jennylee Taylor about what it means to say YES to yourself and taking responsibility for teaching people how to treat you. Saying yes to yourself reconnects you with your internal power and saying yes to everyone else gives YOUR POWER AWAY and also doesn’t serve the other person either. They share real personal examples and the reasons why we tend not to say NO and how it can be a win/win for everyone.

Saying NO for Your Health with Robyn Cruickshank

Why is it so hard for us to say No?

In this Podcast Robyn talks about her owned lived experiences with saying NO for her health and how her body had to say NO for her at times. When we say no its common for us to feel guilty especially if we identify as being people pleasers. Have a listen to hear how meditation helps us to SAY NO for our health and YES to self care and self love.


Pilates is a wonderful exercise to work on all the supportive muscles that keep us our best and healthiest self. It can be a great form of exercise to do in recovery from an injury. Lucy chats with our resident Pilates Instructor, Leanne Halsey. Leanne runs 6 week beginner classes here at the centre every Thursday night. Leanne loves to support people returning back to exercise and watch them build their confidence and strengthen their body.


There are many different practices of meditation, at the centre we are lucky enough to have four different practitioners within this field. In this podcast Lucy chats to two, Geoff and Melinda. Both offer different styles. It is hard to not feel inspired to meditate after listening to the many benefits of meditation in this podcast.


Not all naturopaths are the same. In fact most naturopaths have a specialised field of study that really defines who and what types of symptoms they might treat. Jo, our resident naturopath has a keen interest in also exploring the emotional contributors to a physical symptom as well as supporting the physical system. Her treatment is considered and thought provoking as she guides you to listen to your body and take your health into your own hands. 
Listen in to this podcast to get a feel for how Jo works. 

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

Lucy chats with Christine Martin. One of our resident Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioners about the ripple effect of this wonderful work. Christine shares a very heartfelt story of how emotional freedom technique has made a huge difference in her life and in relationships with those around her. Listen in for a beautiful conversation between Lucy and Christine.