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Yarning about perfectly imperfect parenting!

Join Sarah and Lucy as they discuss the myth of perfect parenting and the added stress this places on parents and children within families. Sarah talks about the need to focus on “good enough” parenting and reminds us it’s okay to not be okay too.


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Helping Children with a Major Life Change with Christine Martin







The discussion Lucy is having with Christine Martin in this Podcast is around children and life changes. They admit how tempting it is as a parent to intervene, when they see their children struggle experiencing change, such as losing a friend or parents separating. With all good intentions we just want to make things ‘better’ for our children. But in the long run it can give them the impression that they are not capable to cope with change. Listen to the podcast to hear tips on how to foster resilience instead.


Supporting your child through grief and loss – Christine Martin.

Christine Martin and Lucy approach the topic that many would rather avoid – Grief & Loss.
Christine talks about how we can help children who experience changes in their families, such as separation and divorce or a death of a loved one. You will hear about ‘Seasons for Growth’, a strength based program she has facilitated in schools since 2007, that equips children with helpful strategies. It compares changes that happen in life with seasons, like a natural cycle.