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Featured Practitioner – Melinda Kalac!

Melinda is a new face on the block and Lucy and her share many long and insightful conversations with lots of belly laughs too. In this podcast you can feel Melinda’s passion for her work and you will learn what Pranic Healing is. Melinda holds a Twin Hearts Meditation every Wednesday night here at 6:30pm.

Weight loss-It doesn’t have to be complicated with Allison Slee

Allison, from Vitality Lifestyle is a health and nutrition coach and has a keen interest in achieving long term weight loss and increased energy for her clients.
Allison chats to Lucy about her passion of having a holistic approach to weight loss, including listening to, nourishing, moving  and appreciating our bodies in ways that work for you, ditching the scales, calorie counting, consistency over perfection, accountability, motivation and willpower and getting to your WHY around weight loss.
Weight loss involves so many factors and we dive deep into ways that I know will help you on your weight loss journey!