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Breathwork & Why its Important with Liz Ross

Liz and Lucy shared together in the monthly podcast- “Breathwork and why it’s important”
This was Liz’s first ever podcast.
Liz spoke about the reduction of stress and cortisol in the body when doing the 10, 20, 30 breathwork which can take as little as 5 minutes.
Not only does breathwork reduce stress, release toxins it enhances ones awareness and grounds a person.
When one completly surrenders to breathwork it can be healing to the mind, body and soul.

Breathing – Why its so Important with Jennylee Taylor








In this podcast Jennylee talks about the 3 levels of Breathing, and how Breath equals LIFE! Breathwork is more than just breathing to survive. Breathwork is an amazing tool that influences your thinking and how you manage stress and overwhelm. How you breathe impacts every facet of your health and well being.  Jennylee uses a specific type of breath technique to support her clients to go beyond what they already know. The Breathwork process connects Spirit to their body’s cellular memories to unlock and process out emotional luggage that is not serving them in their life right now. Jennylee goes on to share how this therapeutic use of her own breath has benefitted her and changed her life.

Divorce/Separation and Finding Yourself Again with Michelle Turnbull









Michelle is a Counsellor at the Newcastle Health Collective and shares with us about finding ourselves again after separation or divorce. Much of our identify can be formed in and around significant relationships and when these end we can find ourselves in a space of devastation and loss. In the rebuilding of life is also the opportunity to rebuild our sense of who we are. Michelle shares from her own experience of divorce as well as many of the people she works with who are moving through this life changing space.

Supporting your child through grief and loss – Christine Martin.

Christine Martin and Lucy approach the topic that many would rather avoid – Grief & Loss.
Christine talks about how we can help children who experience changes in their families, such as separation and divorce or a death of a loved one. You will hear about ‘Seasons for Growth’, a strength based program she has facilitated in schools since 2007, that equips children with helpful strategies. It compares changes that happen in life with seasons, like a natural cycle.

Alex Knysh – Natural Progressions Coaching

In this interview Lucy Ellis talks to Alex about how she helps clients overcome their issues and live their best life, through NLP, hypnotherapy matrix therapy and coaching. With all these tools under her belt Alex has got you covered.