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Exercising Your Fear Muscle!

Jules Stone McLeod from Green Door Reiki talks about exercising your fear muscle, and moving from playing small to moving into expansion.

She also unpacks the link between opening up to your authentic way of being and self confidence.

Jules also speaks about her personal experience of having anxiety and panic attacks to now living from a space of empowerment and self actualisation.

Interested in this topic? Want to dive a little deeper? Come along to our event on Monday the 22nd March 2021 at Newcastle Health Collective, we have three (3) of our amazing practitioners ready to explore this topic with you. The tickets are only $10 All information can be found on our Facebook Event

Jules can be found on her:

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Did you know we have 7 Reiki Practitioners here at the Collective? All with their own style and gifts. Some see images, symbols, past lives, hear songs or have messages from past love ones. There are so many reasons you will choose to have reiki, it’s a different experience every time. Lucy chats to 4 of our 7 practitioners about their special gifts, and how Reiki has changed their life.

Showcasing our Practitioners – Holly Cogan

Lucy chats with Featured Practitioner Holly Cogan about BOUNDARIES. Debunking the rigidity of what the word Boundaries might suggest and how healthy boundaries are as fluid as what we feel on any given day..

If any of this resonates with you, please contact Holly via her Facebook Page

Showcasing Our Practitioners – Chel King

We all know the famous Nikola Tesla quote, that “if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. But what if you could SEE your own unique energy, frequency and vibration? To better understand yourself, your Source and the stage of evolution that your Being is in. Afterall, we are a reflection of the Universe, what better place to start our understanding than with ourselves.

Chel King is a Reiki practitioner, professional tattooist & intuitive artist and can help you see exactly that; your energy, along with your spirit guides and often, your higher self. After a Reiki session with Chel, you have the opportunity to have elements of your energy turned into an artwork.

Some clients keep them as a memento of a special time in their life, a transition or as a totem to help guide the way further along our life’s journey.
If this sounds like your kind of healing, you can reach Chel via email at chel@chel.com.au, through her website: www.chel.com.au, Instagram: @_chelking_ or Facebook: Chel King – Reiki & Tattoo.

Practitioner of The Month Karen Bruwer

Karen Bruwer is our Practitioner of The Month. Karen chats with Lucy about part of her life in South Africa and her recent move back to Australia and settling in Newcastle.  Karen discusses with Lucy the different Modalities that she practices (Usui Reiki and Master Mindfulness Meditation Teacher) and how her clients can benefit from them.

If you resonate with Karen’s approach please see her Facebook page/Website Page: https://www.facebook.com/Karen-Bruwer-106698584276176/ http://www.karenbruwer.com.au or call her on 0475311695 for appointments.

Chel King – Strategies to Release Anxiety

Chel King shares how meditation, art and energy work became important for her journey with anxiety, and how you can implement similar avenues for working with your own challenges.

Chel is reiki practitioner, artist and tattoo artist and works at Newcastle Health Collective on Mondays. Touching on shifting our perspective, substance abuse, abusive relationships and meditating as child, Chel shares her personal and professional relationship with anxiety and how you can work with yours.

Chels Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chelreikitattoo/