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Did you know we have 7 Reiki Practitioners here at the Collective? All with their own style and gifts. Some see images, symbols, past lives, hear songs or have messages from past love ones. There are so many reasons you will choose to have reiki, it’s a different experience every time. Lucy chats to 4 of our 7 practitioners about their special gifts, and how Reiki has changed their life.

Featured Practitioner – Jules Mcleod

Jules is our resident Reiki and Chakra balancing Goddess.

Come and have a cup of tea with Jules and Lucy as we listen to Jules explain to us what awakening our spiritual self actually is, and in particular what waking up to our Kundalini energy is all about.


Reiki as a way of life!

In This weeks episode we chat to Lisa Kotz from Inside the Prism all about how she uses Reiki to support you best, and how Reiki has become a way of life for her.

She has even used it on her car battery before to get it recharged!!

Lisa will demonstrate how we can feel our own ‘spark’ and start to be open to the energy (the life force) within us.

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with Lisa today, just being in her space is healing.



Catherine Crossley – Naturopath and Massage Therapist

Lucy Ellis Interviews Catherine Crossley

Catherine is the owner of Indigo health and wellness store in Whitebridge.

Catherine loves to educate her clients about their health and practices by the statement on her business card

‘Empowering through education, energy and earth’

Catherine helps a lot of people with adrenal fatigue. Getting people to slow down, and alleviate some stressors. Helping the immune system to function at it’s best.

She also offers Massage therapy and reiki.

Follow her on facebook here

Or you can phone her to know more: (02) 4942 4030 / 0414870369