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Family Matters

“Family Constellation facilitator Francine Jordà chats with Lucy about why family matters. We like to think that free will leads our lives… yet, we are more connected to our family and to what happened in the past than we think we are. The way we are bonded to our parents, and our loyalties to the family members who were excluded have an impact on our life. The way we relate to others, the partner we choose, the symptoms we get, and the profession we have are very connected to our family past.”


Interested in this topic? Want to dive a little deeper? Come along to our event on Friday the 16th April 2021 at Newcastle Health Collective at 6pm, we have three (3) of our amazing practitioners ready to explore this topic with you. The tickets are only $10.  All information can be found on our Facebook Event.

You can also follow Francine on her Facebook Page.

Reclaiming our Health in the New Earth

In this podcast Lucy talks with Naturopath Jo Roberts-Thomson from The Nurture Path about tuning in to our body’s own wisdom. As we move forward into a new way of being, we are learning to look within and trust ourselves more rather than give our power away, and that goes for our health as well. Our bodies have their own wisdom, and are speaking to us all the time through symptoms and feelings. If we tune in to what our unique body is telling us then we can give our body what it needs, and also have more trust in our body’s ability to heal.

Featured Practitioner Jo Roberts-Thomson – Naturopath

On this podcast Lucy Ellis is speaking with our Practitioner of the Month, Jo Roberts-Thomson. Listen in and get to know Jo a little better, hear how Jo works gently with her sensitive clients, how she supports their oversensitive Nervous System and eases their symptoms.
For those who would like more information about Jo or to follow her or connect with her further, please use the following links:
Jo’s website: www.thenurturepath.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Nurture-Path-Jo-Roberts-Thomson-Naturopath-1428744230751727/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jo.rt.naturopath/?hl=en