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You are manifester of your life – so how does it work?

Why do bad things happen? How can you influence better? We all want to know the answers to these questions with the internet saturated with information! In this podcast Lucy and Amanda delve deep into world of practical manifestation tools and touch on the complex world of Tantra so that you too can be empowered and fulfilled in ALL areas of your life. Tune in now with a cuppa at the ready as Lucy Ellis and Amanda Fisher (Tantra Student) share their humorous wisdom on all thing’s manifestation.


In this podcast Lucy and Sarah yarn about how although we are our own individual selves and identities we carry within us the wisdom, strength and resilience of our ancestors. And that if we tap into the energy, the epigenetics or ancestral memory of our past generations we have an amazing amount of strength and love behind us. Meaning that even in times of isolation and loneliness we are not alone, we are held by our ancestors.


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Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapist talks about Anxiety

Lucy Ellis leading hypnotherapist for the human brain, chats about making a deep strong friendship with our anxiety, she believes that our anxiety carries a wisdom about looking at something within yourself that you need to empower. It’s about strengthening your self confidence in this area, and using this feeling of anxiety to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

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